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  1. jorgesoler

    What Kind of Pipe Smoker are You?

    To sum everything up, I'd say there are only two kinds of pipe smokers. On the one hand, you get the usual ones who have no clue about all the different components in a blend and only follow the hype. I call these "posers." In this category will fall all of those who are always seeking approval...
  2. jorgesoler

    My Nephew Is Mesmerized By His Box of Cereals When He Has His Breakfast, But He Is Only A Kid.

    Most pipe smokers refuse to make their own blends because bulk tobacco does not appeal to them. The same happens when you do your shopping and you have to make a decision between the cheaper and unbranded option (say a box of paracetamol) and a colorful box that comes with exactly the same...
  3. jorgesoler

    I Only Like Crappy Pipes

    I still remember drolling over those Peterson pipes in my late teens. I was only a student at the time and could not afford to pay that kind of money for a pipe, so I daydreamed a lot, and daydream I did. Back then I was only hoping one day will come when I was wealthy enough to afford one for...
  4. jorgesoler

    On How the Danish Will Destroy Everything We Hold Dear

    Danish tobacco manufacturers hold 80% of the market in Europe. This situation is different in the US, but the truth of the matter is many American pipe smokers still favour Danish-style tobaccos over artisan blends. Not long ago, I read an interview with Per Georg Jensen by the title "No One...
  5. jorgesoler

    Capstan Original v Capstan Gold

    This has been bugging me for some time now. The fact of the matter is I am a fan of both Capstan Gold and Original, but I am still not clear as to what the difference in between the one and the other might be. I personally find Capstan Gold milder and sweeter than the Capstan Original, but I'd...
  6. jorgesoler

    Kendal Flake

    For me this tobacco does the trick. The casing is not as strong or soapy as Ennerdale's, for instance, but the Lakeland essence is still in there working its magic in the background. The casing tends to wane more and more as you progress with your smoke, but the Virginia tobacco seems to be good...
  7. jorgesoler

    Dunhill Apéritive

    The moist content (and I found this to be true in most of the Dunhill's) is just about right to pack your pipe and light up. I am finding the tin note a little bit acrid, but not as much as in Squadron Leader. They call this blend "Scottish" because of the added cavendish, which sort of adds a...
  8. jorgesoler

    Samuel Gawith Navy Flake

    The tin note is difficult to describe, but it smells nothing like latakia. It is sort of acrid and somewhat reminiscent of Squadron Leader. As it is customary with SG, these flakes do come in different lengths and thicknesses. The thinner ones will crumble easily whereas the thicker ones are...
  9. jorgesoler

    Robert McConnell's Scottish cake

    I am usually very suspicious with any tobacco being made in Denmark, whether English or not, but this might be the exception that proves the rule. The tin note is sort of vinegary with an undertone of hay, which is something that reminds me of many Gawith Hoggarth blends. I have let my tobacco...
  10. jorgesoler

    Strambach's Cultured Meerschaum

    I had this pipe coming in the post today. This is what they called "Cultured Meerschaum," that is, this is neither "block" nor "pressed" meerschaum. Don't ask me how they managed to do it (this is a trade secret), but, basically, they just cultivate/grow sepiolite out of its chemical...
  11. jorgesoler

    Marlin Flake

    There is nothing special about the tin note; it just smells like vinegar. This is coil tobacco, which is a nice feature that pleases me. The flakes seem to be easy to crumble and pack in your pipe. The moist content is ridiculously high, so be advised. I cannot detect any toppings, and the...
  12. jorgesoler

    Orlik Golden Sliced

    I am usually very suspicious with all the Danish blends (I hate aromatics), but Golden Sliced is OK. The tin note is somewhat reminiscent of Erinmore with a topping that smells like orange peel. The flake presentation is one of the best I have ever seen. They all come wrapped up as in a cotton...
  13. jorgesoler

    Falcon Pipes

    I had my first Falcon coming in the post the other day. I usually enjoy smaller bowls as I like smoking flake tobacco most of the times, so I thought a Falcon would be great for this particular purpose. I had used it a couple of times so far and it did not disappoint me at all. I really cannot...
  14. jorgesoler

    St. Bruno

  15. jorgesoler

    St. Bruno Flake

    For a cheap convenience store blend you can still buy at Tesco's, this is one of the best all-rounder full-bodied every-day smoke I have ever had so far. These flakes comprise of virginia/burley tobaccos, and the room-note is something to die for. In the description above it says this is an...
  16. jorgesoler

    Tordenskjold Virginia Slices

    The tin note is absolutely gorgeous-sort of raisins and figs with a hint of vanilla. The moist content, on the other hand, seems to be about right, but I had my tin open for a while to have a breather before I decided to finally load my bowl and light up. I find the room note very pleasing, but...
  17. jorgesoler

    Gawith Hoggarth Dark Flake

    You usually expect a tobacco to evolve and get stronger as you progress more and more in your smoke, but this particular one shows all of its strength as you light up your bowl right from the outset. This is a full-bodied/strength tobacco that might turn the stomach of the most experienced...
  18. jorgesoler

    Bright CR

    Is this one of the Lakelands? I dare to say it is. For a non-aromatics, I find this tobacco rather soapy, but not in a bad way. It will dissipate as you progress in your smoke though. There is this floral aroma in it which is quite apparent from the outset as you light up your pipe. I find the...
  19. jorgesoler

    Red Rapparee

    This is a ribbon cut easy to pack tobacco, but the tin will benefit from some drying time. When I bought it I wasn't all too sure whether it had any Latakia in it or not, but it has. Not that I was disappointed to learn about it, but I guess I was more focused on exploring oriental tobaccos when...