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  1. HitchensDog

    Question Regarding Recent Meerschaum Purchase

    I picked up an estate Meerschaum on eBay recently. Cleaned it up and it smokes just fine. It has a metal fitting in the stem to secure it to the shank. How long ago did they switch from metal to plastic? I'm curious how old this pipe might be.
  2. HitchensDog

    Aged Cigar Question

    Forgive me if this is a question that may have been answered or addressed earlier. I've been smoking pipes and cigars for roughly 25 years or so. Recently, a friend quit smoking cigars. He had a handful of premium cigars that he gave me. These cigars are bone dry and about 20 - 25 years old...
  3. HitchensDog

    Humidity Question

    Greetings. My humidor has a hydrometer that shows right in the "normal" zone. However, my cigars are a little crispy. Any suggestions or idea's is appreciated. I use the Xikar solution in my humidifier. Cigars are stored in their cellophane wrappers.
  4. HitchensDog

    Ted's Tobacco In Omaha NE

    I normally don't venture often to West Omaha, but yesterday I had to assist my girlfriend with something in that part of town. Ted's Tobacco on West 142nd and Pacific has a healthy assortment of Esoterica tins and those bulk packages. I was kind of in a hurry so I just grabbed a tin of Dunbar...
  5. HitchensDog

    Bulk VA/OR Recommendations

    Can anyone recommend any bulk VA/OR blends? I like C&D Bijou, but wondering if there is anything I'm missing with any bulk offerings. Thanks.
  6. HitchensDog

    When To Stop Adding To Cellar

    Have any of you reached a point where your cellar is complete and you have started working your way through the tins and jars you've accumulated? I've been slowly stocking up for retirement (a few years to go yet) and am just curious if any of you have reached that point. If not, do you have...
  7. HitchensDog

    Significant Change After Three Months

    I enjoy straight Virginia's and realized I'd never tried Capstan Blue before. I picked up a tin about three months or so ago. I immediately opened it, dried out a flake and had a nice smoke. I put the rest in a mason jar after letting it dry a bit, and sort of forgot about it these past three...
  8. HitchensDog

    Greetings from Omaha Nebraska.

    Hello All. I've been an on again off again pipe smoker for about twenty years now. Began in my mid thirties. I like cigars as well, so during my off times for the pipe I was usually focused on cigars. Now I do a little of both, but mostly pipes these days. I like mostly light aromatics and...