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  1. TheWhale13

    How Latakia is Pronounced in Syria

    I work with some Syrian guys and we happened to talk about the city of Latakia. The way he pronounced it was similar to how I pronounce it in my mind (Lata-kia), he pronounced it like Latha-chia. Not like chia seeds but like slightly clearing your throat. All I know is that it is definitely...
  2. TheWhale13

    How Well Does Vauen No.14 Age?

    I bought a tin of this recently and have almost smoked it all pretty fast. I really enjoy the toppings on this one, and otherwise find it quite similar in taste to both 633 and Meistermischung 88, with the Solani being spicy and the Meistermischung being fruity, while No.14 is nutty with...
  3. TheWhale13

    Making Bowl Last Longer

    I keep seeing people here smoking a bowl for over an hour if not two. I can't seem to make that happen, even if I really try to slow down. Is there a way to make my bowls last longer? I know that the cut makes a difference, and moisture, cadence, and so on. Am I doing something wrong or are...
  4. TheWhale13

    Try More Blends or Cellar What I Know?

    Title edited for caps. Rule 9! Thank you. I am facing a bit of a dilemma right now. I don't know if I should prepare myself for the tobaccopocalypse and rising prices by buying what I like now, or if I should try new things? I am a beginner still, so I have not experienced a lot of tobaccos...
  5. TheWhale13

    Favourite Mac Baren Roll Cake?

    I recently tried the vanilla roll cake which is very nice. So I am going to try some more of their roll cake offerings. Dark twist is on my buy list, club too, but stockton, roll cake or latakia blend I am indecisive about buying. What even is the difference between stockton and club? The...
  6. TheWhale13

    The Paranormal?

    Title edited. Rule 9, please. In my family, there are some people that have a gift. Well, maybe a gift, it is a sense of the paranormal, a connection between life or death, whatever you call it. I don't have anything like this, nor have I experienced anything worth telling, but my aunt is very...
  7. TheWhale13

    Dating Kohlhase & Kopp Tins?

    Does anyone here know a way to date these tins? I found some calculator that seems to have worked before in an old thread. But now it seems to be outdated, since it doesn't calculate with the new letters or something. Thank you.
  8. TheWhale13

    How Can People Taste Anything Without Retrohaling?

    Some people on the internet and forums have said that they believe retrohaling to be unnecessary, but I can't see at all how one could taste anything except ash and smoke without retrohaling. The only flavors we can taste on the tongue is: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. All other...
  9. TheWhale13

    Virginia Blend with the Most Nicotine?

    Title edited for capitalization. -jpm I am simply wondering if any of you have some tips about what blend of Virginia or VaPer has the (to you) strongest nicotine content?
  10. TheWhale13

    Tobaccos that Shine the Brightest in a Meerschaum?

    I have recently bought this meerschaum, which will probably arrive here soon. I am just wondering if you have any ideas about what kind of tobaccos taste the best in meerschaums? I will probably smoke mainly Virginias in it since that's what I mainly smoke, but also some more aromatic ones...
  11. TheWhale13

    Is a Meerschaum Worth Picking Up?

    I've been looking at a really nice bent billiard AKB with a orange stem, it is a bit more expensive than any other of my briar pipes that I have bought, but a meerschaum seems like a nice change. Do you have anything to convince me or dissuade me to buy it?
  12. TheWhale13

    Mac Baren's Vanilla Roll Cake, Worth a Buy?

    I've been looking at this blend for some time now, and it seems pretty nice. What are your opinions regarding it? Thank you :)
  13. TheWhale13

    Tobaccos Like Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls?

    I'm sitting here enjoying a bowl of the mentioned tobacco. It probably is my favorite VaPer and Virginia, I like st Bruno but that is a VaKy and flavored. I have tried marlin flake which bites me, good flavor though, and Old Gowrie is a bit too weak for my tastes. Do you have anything to...
  14. TheWhale13

    Pfeifendepot Question

    I live in Sweden, which has high prices on tobacco, and as such I order tobacco from Germany whose prices are lower. I'm looking at buying from pfeifendepot right now since they have HU tobacco's. My question is: do they label the contents of the package as tobacco? Because if they do this I...
  15. TheWhale13

    The Cowboy and the Tamper; A short story.

    Imagine you're a lonely traveller in the snowy Wyoming hills one cold night. It was the year 1899. For 5 days I've trekked across these unforgiving lands, lodging to lodging, from cabin to cabin. It has been tough with the cold biting into my aging joints, the snow making eatch step a...
  16. TheWhale13

    How do you Choose What to Smoke?

    This is probably not the question for the people that have 2 and only 2 tobaccos at hand all the time, but more for the folks that have a larger amount of different tobaccos. How do you decide just what to smoke? With my cellar getting larger I am also finding it increasingly harder to choose...
  17. TheWhale13

    Can the Tin/Jar Note Differ?

    Title edited. -jpm About four months ago I got some Old Gowrie for the first time. And it was awesome. The tin note was deeply sweet with raisins and just amazing. But recently I got a new tin, but instead of the really sweet fruity scent I got hay, grass and just a little bit of raisins. I...
  18. TheWhale13

    Any Loss/decrease in Taste or Smell due to Pipe Smoking?

    Title edited for caps and brevity.- jpm I'm only asking this to see what everybody's experiences about this are. I have not noticed any reduction in my taste or smell during, my admittedly short period of pipe smoking. I'm not the overly health concerned type, but dulling my sense of smell...
  19. TheWhale13

    Taming a Bitey Beast?

    I recently bought a can of Marlin Flake, as it was supposed to be like Old Gowrie but "darker". I severely like Old Gowrie, but MF is horrible right now. To quote Johnny Cash, "It kicked like a mule and bit me like a crocodile". For the first time in my limited pipe smoking life, I experienced...
  20. TheWhale13

    Accidentally Bought the Wrong Blend

    I was supposed to buy Mac Baren HH Pure Virginia but managed to buy Mac Baren Virginia Flake instead. According to some forums and tobacco reviews it's pretty bad. So just gonna cellar it to see how it gets. Do you know what to expect from this blend?