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  1. Jerry144

    Smaller Pipes...

    I have loved big ol' Lorenzos for a long time. Still do. Especially the heavily rusticated ones. But lately, I have been enjoying small light pipes that I can clench... I only have 3 or 4 little ones, but they sure are a pleasure. Especially if I am working in the shop or something where...
  2. Jerry144

    Aging in the Tin - Is That a Thing?

    Hi All - basic question about aging tobacco. Will it age in a sealed tin? Seems like it needs air contact. C&D tins in particular are hermetically sealed. So does that mean they do not age (significantly)? Do you empty your tins into jars as soon as you get them?
  3. Jerry144

    Crumble Cake? What For?

    Hey I am enjoying C&D Blockade Runner this week. Its the first crumble cake I have had. But its super loosely compacted - just falls apart when you touch it.... Seems like it might as well just be 'ready rub' What is the purpose of this tobacco format?
  4. Jerry144

    HS Studio / Road Town Pipes

    I am seeing some pretty great looking pipes at low prices on these on ebay. Does anyone own these? Is quality good? Any concerns?
  5. Jerry144

    Lumberman vs. Lovat

    Hey All. I am generally growing to like pipes with longer shanks, shorter stems. But I am confused about the identification of pipe styles. What distinguishes a lumberman from a lovat? Or are they the same?
  6. Jerry144

    Buying New vs. Estate Pipes

    Hey All. I am just thinking about how much I enjoy restoring estate pipes. I guess I can afford new, or even artisan pipes, but I really like rescuing used ones - especially everyman pipes. I know part of my motivation is that I am cheap, but mostly I like the whole idea of it. Seems like I...
  7. Jerry144

    Any Interest in an Austin Pipe Club?

    Hey All - I noticed there are a few of us from the Austin area. I live in Fredericksburg, but stay in North Austin for work during the week. Does anyone have interest in forming up a pipe club in Austin? I have never been to one, but it sounds like it might be fun...
  8. Jerry144

    Bulk Tobacco Similar to OGS?

    Hi - I am still at the stage of trying a bunch of different tobaccos, but I am really enjoying Orlik Golden Sliced. But I want to stock up as soon as I am confident. So I am interested in buying bulk. Any suggestions on bulk tobacco blends that are similar? I also like Golden Yacht - if...
  9. Jerry144

    A Little Pipe Story...

    Hi All. I bought a beater Barling off of ebay. It is pretty rough, and the bowl was choked down to about 1/4 inch bore. Why did I buy it? I bought it because it makes me happy to revive an old pipe. That pipe was obviously important to its previous owner - he smoked it a ton. And I am...
  10. Jerry144

    Stuck Stem

    Hi All - I have a Nording pipe with a stem that I cannot remove from the mortise. Its a push-in tenon, and I can't get it to budge. I am afraid I will break it if I force it. Any tricks to remove? I thought about putting it in the freezer - but...not sure...
  11. Jerry144

    Too Wet...Too Dry?

    OK - I have figured out that tobacco can be too wet --> tongue bite. So no more storing it in my cigar coolidor. Thanks all! But can pipe tobacco be too dry? If so, do you take any storage precautions?
  12. Jerry144

    Pipe Size vs. Tobacco Choice

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Hi All. I am at the stage where I am exploring different tobaccos. My favorite so far is Royal Yacht. But when I smoked in in a big ol Lorenzo pot, the nicotine hit in the final 3rd of the bowl was unpleasant. (Meaning, it kicked my ass ...)...
  13. Jerry144

    How to Tighten Up Tenon?

    I have a Ropp cherry pipe for which the tenon is so loose it falls out. How best to fix this?
  14. Jerry144

    Obsidian vs Mineral Oil on Stems

    Hi - Obsidian oil works great on stems but is pricey IMO. Has anyone tried mineral oil as a substitute?
  15. Jerry144

    Hey from Fredericksburg Texas

    Hi All - I have really enjoyed this forum for the last week or so! Learning a lot. I am in a gradual transition over from cigars to pipes I think. With the help of friends and my sons-in-law, we will take down my 'too many' inventory of cigars. I am hoping that the actual smoking part of...