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  1. luigi

    The Too Many Pipes Syndrome

    Pros: it's so much fun to pick one pipe, smoke it for a few days, get bored with it and choose another one, admiring how great it smokes and how cool it looks. Repeat. Cons: cleaning and maintaining, ridiculously high prices for a chunk of wood. Collection pieces excluded.
  2. luigi

    Pipe Size Preferences?

    I'm into smaller chambers. My perfect size is 19x23mm. Bigger size for ribbon cut.
  3. luigi

    Cork in ashtray

    Wondering for how long a cork stays clean? I don't use one because I think it would turn black and smelly.
  4. luigi

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    It's 12.5. I love the chamber size but I thought there would be a little more wood around it. It seems perfect though, exactly what I need. Lestrade was a little bigger than expected instead, I'd known all the measurements but I was suprised at the massive chunk of briar when I saw it. All in...
  5. luigi

    Show Off Your Petersons Here!

    Lestrade got company. 😎 The size is always tricky when ordering online but I'm getting there.
  6. luigi

    Newer Pipe Smoker Wants Thick Clouds

    The most smoky looking tobacco I've tried was Dunhill Early Morning Pipe. Sometimes I get a nice thick smoke pouring from the chamber when I smoke flakes or when a thicker chunk of tobacco starts to smolder. No clouds but a dense string of smoke rising out.
  7. luigi

    Debate : Fine White Ash

    Those who smoke all the way down to fine white or purple ash also smoke a dottle, yuk!
  8. luigi


    6mm charcoal filters exist but they often block the draw too much, specially when they get soaked. 9mm charcoal are nice, I'm using them the most but they affect the flavors somewhat. It also feels disgusting to use them more than once. When you are looking forward to taste a nice smelling...
  9. luigi

    How To Retrohale Without Retrohaling

    I wish I knew how not to retrohale. 😁 There's more unintentional inhaling with retrohaling. For most it's a habit, a smoke is so welcome in the oral cavity that a body lets it go everywhere but I'm sure it feels unnatural at first, it's normal for a healthy, clean organism to scream: You shall...
  10. luigi

    W. Ø. Larsen Edition 2022

    I can't find any reviews about this tobacco and this is probably the right place to talk about it. Larsen Edition 2022, fire dried Virginia, air dried Burley and Black Cavendish. Flavouring: vanilla, plum and mirabelle. I'm not a fan of aromatics but I loved this stuff. I could tell a lot about...
  11. luigi

    Having Trouble Getting a Cool Smoke.

    Yeah, big manufacturers produce a lot of stuff and take over many smaller companies that would have been gone without that. If one loves Borkum Riff that's ok but OTC blends with a lot of PG usually burn hotter no matter how you smoke them.
  12. luigi

    Ahh finally got flake tobacco right!

    I often hear flakes are not meant to be smoked not rubbed out but I agree it tastes different when consumed in bigger pieces. A compromise between cube cut and fold 'n stuff is "square cut". Small sqaures, small enough to fit the bowl width and big enough not to leave too much space is my...
  13. luigi

    Having Trouble Getting a Cool Smoke.

    I would start with choosing a tobacco that has a good reputation, the so called premium blends. Borkum Riff definitely isn't one of them.
  14. luigi

    Pipe Cleaners

    I always buy 500 or 1000 cleaners which is usually cheaper then buying a few packs at a time.
  15. luigi

    How Many "Pipefuls"

    It's hard to understand how is it possible not to know how many pipes you have but if one smokes 10+ bowls a day I can immagine we're talking about big numbers, some people also smoke cobs, sell or trade their pipes etc. and the equation gets complicated.
  16. luigi

    How Many "Pipefuls"

    I was trying to find the number which could justify a purchase of a pipe. 1000 fills sounds close enough for me but there's no doubt a pipe can handle much more.
  17. luigi

    How Many "Pipefuls"

    That's a good ratio. 👍
  18. luigi

    How Many "Pipefuls"

    I have just done some math for fun to see how many pipefuls would I smoke out of each pipe if I smoked all the tobacco from the cellar. My pipes in average take about 3 grams of tobacco, I own 15 pipes and around 8kg of tobacco. To smoke it all each pipe would be smoked 177 times. I realised I...
  19. luigi

    Rattray’s Pipes

    I don't think Rattray's will ever come close to a Savinelli. It surely can be a good smoker though.
  20. luigi

    Smoking 1/2 Bowl at a Time. Get a Smaller Pipe?

    It's totally ok to smoke one pipeful for several days. No need to dump half a bowl. I often pack a pipe with strong tobacco and smoke it for days, sometimes just a few puffs, for a minute. Of course tobacco will dry out completely and often taste better.