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    Pony Pipe Clamp Love

    My daughter asked me to build her a table for her new apartment so we picked out some lumber and I resurrected my old woodworking tools and gave it a shot. In the process, I needed some clamps so I turned to my long unused, dusty rusty Pony Pipe clamps and rediscovered what a brilliantly...
  2. H

    It's 110 Degrees

    So what are you grilling for supper this hot summer Sunday? I'll be firing up the grill for butterflied leg of lamb as it was on sale at Aldi this week.
  3. H

    Orientals Anyone?

    I really miss FMOTT and 2045, and while I've found Squadron Leader is my heir apparent I'm curious about other blends with Oriental leanings. 965 I recollect had a sweet Oriental nuance, but that was back in the Dunhill days. I haven't tried it since Peterson picked up the ball and ran with...
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    Downsizing My Skewers

    I have a collection of twenty shish kebab skewers, maybe 28" long for feeding large family gatherings. Since we're empty nesters now (I really hate that term) I've been using bamboo skewers, but those leave a lot to be desired. Meat and vegetables will freewheel on round skewers so one side...
  5. H


    Not the TV show featuring Julie London as the nurse at Ramparts Hospital. Emergency groceries. During the drought, the State of California recommended keeping four days of emergency drinking water per family member. I did that. My daughter who likes to bake introduced me to the notion of always...
  6. H

    Backyard Projects

    My side yard is a mess. There is a 16' Grumman aluminum canoe resting on two I-beam saw horses I built from 2x4s and 20d nails straddling a Model T rear axle with a support propping up the backyard fence thrown in for good measure, all overgrown with weeds (fire hazard!) I've already cleared...
  7. H

    Beyond Van Gogh

    came to my town----a digital immersive experience. Tickets were courtesy of my F-I-L I didn't know what to expect but it was a very enjoyable time---how to describe it? I can't! But I'd highly recommend it if it ever shows up in your neck of the woods, Lots to take in, if you've got a creative...
  8. H

    Fresh Corn

    The season just started here and we cooked some last night. Fresh from a farm stand---a few ears of yellow and a few ears of white, just to see which was going to be sweeter this year. Yellow won! It was delicious. I can't wait for the Watermelon.
  9. H

    The National Garlic Festival

    Is where you'll find me this week end, working. It's a stinky job, but someone has to do it. Actually I'm looking forward to it!
  10. H

    What's the Difference?

    Between Jalapeno chilis and Fresno chilis? Same Scoville rating. Same colors (green turning to red with time) Same size. Some markets even sell Fresnos as Jalapenos and customers apparently can't tell the difference. Me? I'm an equal opportunity chili chomper but I find myself curious about...
  11. H

    Patty O'Furniture

    Just kidding! Let's discuss patio furniture---the good, the bad and the ugly. I have a second hand set, "wrought" iron with an expanded steel top, given to me by my late sister (the good) after she got a new patio set. After 24 years, it could use a new coat of paint---maybe this Summer? This is...
  12. H

    We're Going to a Concert!

    Gunhild Carling's Big Band is coming to town. This should be a hoot! It is so rare that we get a night out, much less attend a concert. Is there anyone else with date nights planned for this week end?
  13. H

    The Dungeness Among Us

    Title edited for caps. Rule 9. -jpm In the past, all you can eat crab fund raisers were looked forward to in my landlocked neck of the woods. I could not only support local charities but I could get my fill of crab. Crab could also be found on sale for around $7/lb and was the star of many...
  14. H

    Chain Saws

    Tomorrow I get to play with my chain saw, cutting up a bunch of 4" diameter Palos Verde limbs to fit into the green can. I have a Stihl MS 250 which is light and the perfect size and more than powerful enough for my homeowner chores. I really enjoy using it! Does anyone else here get joy from...
  15. H

    What to Try Next?

    I've got a tin of SG Squadron Leader. I've enjoyed some Squadron Leader a few years ago so I'm not suspecting any surprises with this one. A tin of GLP Maltese Falcon A tin of Kramer's Father Dempsey A 2oz pouch of C&D Autumn Evening A 2oz pouch of C&D Cherry Black Cavendish A jar of MacBaren's...
  16. H

    Who Picnics?

    We're gung ho picnickers. We started going on picnics when we were dating. Our picnic basket has accompanied us on many road trips and the inner lid is plastered with tourist decals of locations were we "spread the blanket." There are items in our basket that work so well for picnicking I could...
  17. H

    The Summer Pipe

    Title Edited. See Rule 9, please. My piping tends to fall off in the summer as it gets very hot where I live (over 100 degrees is the norm) so after a usually brief spring my pipes won't see much use until autumn, however there are exceptions----camping trips at higher elevations and trips to...
  18. H

    I'm Considering a Bloodhound and Might Need a Name....

    Title edited for caps. Bloodhounds are known as St Hubert's hounds, so if I get a bitch, the feminine version of Hubert would be a good fit, but, what is the feminine of Hubert? internet searches lead me nowhere. Any ideas? Hubertweena maybe?
  19. H

    The Patio Thread

    I find patios (or decks) absolutely enchanting, no matter how modest. A patio is like another room under the sky.. For many of us, our gateway experience with patios were simple barren small cement slabs fenced on three sides and connected to an apartment by a glass slider and partially shaded...
  20. H

    Classic Bicycle Restoration Project

    Title edited for caps! Rule 9, please. -jpm I find myself without a bicycle, and with gas in CA approaching $6/gallon, that's not a good thing. With a bad back (lthe ol' umbars went out to lunch about three years ago and didn't come back) and finding a bike that's comfortable enough to keep...