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  1. mikestanley

    Amphora Thoughts

    My Grand Dad smoked Amphora Brown exclusively from the time my memory kicks in (1965 or so) until 1984 when he passed. I was of course, drawn to it when I first tried a pipe over Thanksgiving break my Freshman year in College (1981). I eventually smoked the Amphora line and settled on the Red. I...
  2. mikestanley

    Some More of my Jess Chonowitch Pipes

    I don't expect you to tell me but, I sure would curious as to the annual household budget for pipes! Mike S.
  3. mikestanley

    McClelland CC Editions

    Its been at least 25 years! It was a bite free, smooth Virginia flake prone to crystal forming on the flakes. As the tin emptied, the flavors just got better. Absolutely no sharp edges. I've yet to find any Virginia Flake to compare. I would love to know the origin of the leaf and the sugar...
  4. mikestanley

    McClelland CC Editions

    I've smoked all up to 2008. Haven't cracked those yet. I don't have anything older than 2008 left. Oddly enough, the blend they did instead of a 1993 Christmas Cheer, Nutcracker Flake, is by far my favorite Christmas blend by McClelland. Mike S.
  5. mikestanley

    Richards Sheffield Pipe Knife Find

    I have one and, I like it. I just wish the tamping surface was a wee bit larger. Mike S.
  6. mikestanley

    C&D Folklore

    I will TOTALLY be on my computer at midnight to buy as many tins as possible! Mike S.
  7. mikestanley

    Anybody Smoke a Pipe while Playing Golf?

    I occasionally golf with a guy who smokes a pipe while playing. He smokes Carter Hall in Grabows. He always takes a cart. I walk. If I'm playing alone, I sometimes smoke my pipe. I walk so, it's a bit of work though. I usually buy two bundles of J. R. Alternatives in the Winter for golf season...
  8. mikestanley

    PayPal (et al) and New IRS Regulations

    I once had a case in which a book keeper for a local company stole $400,000. 00 from her employer over about three years. She used her husband as a vendor and printed dozens of checks which he cashed. Neither received a single day in jail and, in fact, they were only obligated to pay back...
  9. mikestanley

    Have Tobacco Prices gone up?

    I remember getting a flayer advertising Barry Levin's LPI tobaccos, blended by McClelland. Must have been the early 1990s. You had to order three 4 ounce tins. They were $9.40/tin. I really struggled with paying that much for a tin of tobacco. lol Mike S.
  10. mikestanley

    Old Boy Question (Can I do it myself?)

    I will say this. With the rubber band in place, holding the lift arm snug between uses, it holds the gas. Mike S.
  11. mikestanley

    Old Boy Question (Can I do it myself?)

    Hello All; I realize I can send this back to Arrango, have the form printed and everything but... The lift arm isn't closing tight enough, allowing the butane to leak out. I get one day to a fill. I don't see any obvious way to tighten the way it seats. Anyone have any insight before I box it...
  12. mikestanley

    What’s Going on with Lane Limited 12 oz Cans?

    Wouldn't surprise me one bit if some less profitable sizes and blends were dropped after the sale of the line. Mike S.
  13. mikestanley

    G&H Cherry Vanilla ?: Who Loves It?

    I actually picked up 2 oz recently. You know, for the Christmas season. I mix it with McClelland #25 /or some very old Mac baren Va #1 and it works quite nicely. Smokes better IMHO that way. I used to buy the Cherry Vanilla Flake pretty regularly before the Bast@rds discontinued it. lol Mike S.
  14. mikestanley

    G&H Cherry Vanilla ?: Who Loves It?

    Well, a Condor moment. I mean, what could be better? Mike S.
  15. mikestanley

    Guess Who's Dehydrated From Severe Food Poisoning?

    My Aunt had food poisoning so bad, it triggered a Stroke! Never knew that was a thing. Mike S.
  16. mikestanley

    Favorite Navy Flake

    Agree with Rotary. I'm down to a couple of tins. Mike S.
  17. mikestanley

    Wilderness Review

    Dr. Hanna mixes a mean cocktail. Legends is the one I prefer. I hope he gets another opportunity. Mike S.
  18. mikestanley

    Peterson Barlings?

    I assume they either buy the rights or are enlisted by those who have those rights? Mike S.
  19. mikestanley

    Missed Out On Syrian Latakia

    I'll happily take your word for it. That is good news...provided what they use to cure/smoke it is available to them. Mike S.
  20. mikestanley

    Missed Out On Syrian Latakia

    It does lend a different flavor IMHO. Better is simply a matter of personal opinion I suppose. I tell you what, a statement made by Mike McNeil about the possibility of Cyprian going the same way doesn't get much talk but, he sounded pretty serious. Mike S.