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    Grandma's Car "Hercules"

    There is something about getting an old car to run after it's languished for 40 years. Hearing the engine catch and spring to life is kind of special.
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    Classic Bicycle Restoration Project

    I am amazed at how far I've gotten. The hub is changed out and painting the fenders and chain guard is next. I haven't found any Raleigh Bronze Green paint but the remaining paint has been terribly weathered so Olive drab is as close as I can get. Maybe some day I can do a proper deluxe paint...
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    Surf Casting

    Do it! Never turn your back to the sea, the locals say. Since you're on the coast, cruise the pawn shops, thrift stores, swap meets and estate sales for the tackle
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    Decanters, flasks, cocktail shakers & the like

    Beer mugs in the freezer. It doesn't pay to freeze air. A Boston Shaker is all business when it comes to efficient mixology.
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    What Is/Was Your Occupation?

    Lecturer at both a University and a JC. Cleaned swimming pools. Apartment house janitor Aircraft refueling/ramp monkey Property manager Army Logistics Officer Farrier Ski Instructor Freelance writer
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    What are You Drinking? July 2022

    Scotch, Bourbon, Irish, Rye? Evan Williams White Label botted in bond is an excellent Bourbon and a good value. Jack Daniels was good enough for Francis Albert Sinatra in Las Vegas during the 50's and 60's (an interesting story!) and apparently John Steinbeck's cronies on Cannery Row in...
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    What are You Drinking? July 2022

    Brandy. I was looking for Creme de Cassis to make Kir for my daughter (sadly I'm out) and found a forlorn bottle of decent Brandy with a little bit left so in the interest of making space in the cabinet, I poured myself a healthy shot
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    Knife Recommendations for Trimming

    But not all carbon steel blades were created equal. The old USA made Chicago Cutlery were carbon steel and compared to Old Hickory, quite rust resistant. Of course any carbon blade will rust if uncared for. Keep them dry, keep them sharp, keep wooden handles---if you have them--- lemon oiled...
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    Knife Recommendations for Trimming

    Agreed, Dexters are a bargain. Every pro chef in my town seems to have a set of Dexters.
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    Knife Recommendations for Trimming

    Old Hickory are good, but will rust if you so much as look at them wrong. Take care of 'em and they'll take care of you, however if you're already in the habit of letting your knives get dull, well, there you go, The most cost effective course is simply taking your dull knives to a good shop and...
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    Favorite Steak Marinade

    Made some beef kebabs the other day from filets. Salt and pepper was all it needed. Delicious! For tri tips, some time in red wine then a generous dusting of Pappy's low sodium can really improve things. Boneless Beef Ribs benefit from marinades.
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    Pony Pipe Clamp Love

    My daughter asked me to build her a table for her new apartment so we picked out some lumber and I resurrected my old woodworking tools and gave it a shot. In the process, I needed some clamps so I turned to my long unused, dusty rusty Pony Pipe clamps and rediscovered what a brilliantly...
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    Unusual Pleasures

    I kept them pastured. It would be darned uncomfortable sleeping in a pasture I could get stepped on---or wet if it's being irrigated, LOL!
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    Unusual Pleasures

    Listening to the local High School marching band rehearsing in the early morning,
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    Unusual Pleasures

    Starting a young horse from an unbroke colt is pretty satisfying. It takes about 60 days. Working on an old car and getting the engine to turn over for the first time in 40 years is satisfying. Having a good old dog meet you at your front door is satisfying. An ice cold steam beer on a...
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    Different Pipes for Different Blends

    Any benefits are hit or miss. Some shapes reputedly showcase Virginias or say, Latkias, etc....but you might find briars that march to the beat of different blend than the shape reputedly showcases. It's all part of the fun. I wouldn't worry about it. Smoke what you prefer in whichever pipe...
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    Too Hot to Smoke?

    No matches required. Tobacco spontaneously combusts in this weather, LOL!
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    Pot Roast Sandwich

    All of the sudden, I'm hungry.
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    Older Tobacco is Better? Naaa.

    In my humble opinion, fresh PS Cube Cut is delicious. Old PS Cube Cut isn't. Old crispy MacBaren's Latakia Blend I enjoy, A fresh new can, not so much. I can't say why exactly. It depends.
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    It's 110 Degrees

    So what are you grilling for supper this hot summer Sunday? I'll be firing up the grill for butterflied leg of lamb as it was on sale at Aldi this week.