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  1. Erehwesle

    Let’s talk about Boswell’s Northwoods

    So I AM a wilderness professional. But sometimes I have to have a gentle reminder about what being Out There is about. northwoods is an English blend with some Virginia body and a bit of spice. no bite, clean to smoke. A toasted quality, smoky. This blend is representing my beloved eastern...
  2. Erehwesle

    Smoking on the Appalachian Trail

    So this past September, wow that long ago? I finished my thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. All 2,190.1 miles of it, but who's counting? I can likely say I was one of the few pipe smokers on the AT!. Started with some Boswell tabac from PA, and up in Gaitlinsburg resupplied with the No Locals...
  3. Erehwesle

    Pipe Rotation

    Hate to say this, but I think I cracked the stem on my favorite pipe simply from overuse. I had just gotten started on the AT, Appalachian Trail, when I got started smoking a pipe, and brought about an ounce of tobacco, resupply on that was on occasion, so a bowl was a once a week ‘ish’ thing...
  4. Erehwesle

    Oh No! Crack on My Favorite.

    This is a simple A. Curtz briar I bought used off a fiend from here. It went on the AT with me, recently developed a crack on the stem end. not sure what precipitated this. This pipe has been kicking about my pack for a year, it has been a bit humid. any thoughts? TBS
  5. Erehwesle

    JM Boswell Tobacco Suggestions

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Hey friends, been a minute since I've posted last, but been terribly busy. I am preparing to leave for Georgia on 2/26 to start thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail to Maine. ... should be on the trail for about six months. I am bringing my current...
  6. Erehwesle

    Value of Novelty

    So as many may know, I am new to this hobby, so have been buying tobacco in as small quantities as possible. However, I do note one trend, I kind of have a tendency to really like whatever is newest for a while... before it then kind of recedes to a place on my hierarchy. Anyone else a sucker...
  7. Erehwesle

    Arley Curtz Billiard

    So this is one of the pipes Peteguy was selling, and I am quite happy with it. It is my first Briar and first handmade pipe! Wow, down the rabbit hole I go I guess....
  8. Erehwesle

    Literary Themed Pipe Blends

    So I'm a reader, and writer, and trying to make a list of literary themed pipe blends to try. C&D Haunted Bookshop Tom Sawyer The C&D Lovecraft themed blends I know there are a number of Sherlock Holmes blends I think Elizabethan qualifies, at least I'm saying so any other suggestions? For...
  9. Erehwesle

    New Pipe Smoking Innovation

    PROS - Can play 12 string, blues harmonica and smoke at the same time. CONS - Difficult to fit pipe cleaners into harmonica holes.
  10. Erehwesle

    Backpacking Blend Suggestion

    So one thing you might be able to tell from my profile picture is I spend a lot of time in the woods backpacking. I'm actually heading out next weekend, for about 40 miles or so in the PA backcountry. (definitely somewhere relatively untraveled so I can keep to social distancing guidelines). I...
  11. Erehwesle

    Peterson Elizabethan Mixture - My Impressions

    So still building my vocabulary around tasting notes in pipe tobaccos, as this is really the third tobacco I've tried, but here are my thoughts on this Virginia, Perique blend. So after trying out a Burley based (Haunted Bookstore) and Prince Albert blend, I wanted to try out a Virginia heavy...
  12. Erehwesle

    Thoughts After A Week

    Greetings friends. I Just wanted to thank everyone for the comments and warm smoky welcome. This is a nice welcoming community and it is appreciated. So for those not following my adventures, I am new to this fine hobby. Earlier this week I received my first pipe, a MM Ozark Hardwood, and...
  13. Erehwesle

    Hooray, Mail Came Today. First Impressions

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) When popping home from the grocery store, quite the travail in this fraught time, I was pleased to find a package on my stoop! So while my MM Cobbitt Elf and Prince Albert is yet to arrive, I did get my MM Ozark Hardwood and C&D Haunted...
  14. Erehwesle

    New Pipe Smoker

    I always thought, frankly, since I'm already a writer and English professor and tend towards the tweed blazer / leather elbow patches school of fashion, that pipe smoking was a little over the top, but as I get a bit older I care less what other people think of me! My grandfather always smoked...