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  1. bnichols23

    No, Sorry, Not Dead Yet. However... :)

    [sticking head up out of hole] Is that stinking groundhog gone yet? :) Short version -- I have returned, sort of. Slightly longer version -- The world of cardiac problems has had its way with me, I'm afraid. -grin- Not completely but badly enough. Unfortunately I've had to give up the pipe...
  2. bnichols23

    RIP, Alex Trebek

    Trebek dead at 80. I've loved his stuff since High Rollers back when I was in college. A fabulous run, & a genuine icon, quite literally one of a kind.
  3. bnichols23

    3 Cheers & A Tiger For Me -- I Have Won!

    Lucky me! Glommed a couple of real gems from Ye Olde Pipestud. A Sasieni Ruff-Root 4-dot Dublin, & big (7"!) lovat-ish Sav Autograph with a 2" bowl, facet shank, & acrylic bit. Can't wait to load them up in a few days! Thanks large, Steve! Bill
  4. bnichols23

    Comoy's "Bearluck" second

    Picked up a nice old ('20s'-38 era) Comoy's second from Doug V. I'd never heard of it, & Doug himself said it was only the second one *he'd* ever seen. Nice billiard shape, with a rather unusual diamond shank & stem. Very nice resto job, as per Doug's well-deserved rep. Grain has some weak...
  5. bnichols23

    Odd thought about Canadian pipe repairers that occurred to me

    In the US we've got a pretty good batch of pipe repair pros. A thought occurred to me in thinking about how tough things are for our Canadian brethren/sistern. [sic, very] Serious question: Are there any reputable/reliable Canadian pipe repair providers? Bill
  6. bnichols23

    3 Nuns Green

    I'm on droid at the moment & of course havr one hand dedicated to holding pipe & phone. Forgive my being lazy & not searching. I just finished an hour & a half of concentrated joy on the 3NG; if you've tried it I'd really like your opinion on. Not *quite* the "original" 3N, but to me it *is*...
  7. bnichols23

    think this one will go well with blood red moon!

    Picked up a nice unsmoked Lorenzo Cento calabash the other day. Huge bowl with nice thick walls. I may use this for when I smoke Cult leaf, whadayathink?
  8. bnichols23

    Newly Restored Barling 903 (Bent Egg) Sandblast

    Picked up s lovvvvely Barling that'd had plem=nty of TLC from a seller in Britain. Hey. Jesse, wake up -- right up your alley! And a nice front-on view showing off some of the grain! Bill
  9. bnichols23

    Finally Broke Down. I'm Home. :)

    Lord help me, I finally did it. Won't bore you with the whole long story, but will just cut to the chase. PAD got me. Or maybe I should say "PHAD" -- I saw an old Preben Holm IIS on SPC that I convinced myself I can't live without. Just got off the phone with them, & it's coming. More...
  10. bnichols23

    Mastro Cascia Walnut

    I'm going to try some photos again. If this doesn't work I may just have to shoot myself out of concern for y'all's benefit. (Don't worry; I won't really.) Just picked up this nice little Mastro Cascia Walnut baby from a guy down in the low-country. I've never owned a walnut smoke before, but...
  11. bnichols23

    Playing Catch-Up

    Been here a while, but hadn't dropped my "business card" yet. :) Smoker since '69 (with a few years lapse due to dental work). Gave away some of my collection over the years (starting new smokers, gifting special pipes, etc.), so I'm rebuilding now. Particular fan of good bent bulldogs...