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  1. jimbo69

    Horse Dong Tobacco

    Aside from dong jokes, me buying another thing for my tobacco pile that I will struggle to smoke all of before I shuffle off the mortal coil. *sigh*
  2. jimbo69

    What Books Are We All Reading?

    Nothing fun. CISSP study guide for training course/certification exam next week. Ugh.
  3. jimbo69

    Texas Pipe Show Finalized and Website Launched!

    Good work Gents. I've signed up on the site. I'm not much of a social critter, but I will endeavor to make it (live in Lewisville) as long as work allows me to. James
  4. jimbo69

    Black Frigate vs Blockade Runner

    I like both. Depends on my mood. I don't really get a strong rum flavor from either, though I am working on a tin of C&D's The Beast... now that scratches my rum flavor itch (and makes me twitchy) :D
  5. jimbo69

    Which Celebrity Would You Put In The Post Office?

    Read the title and thought like a postmaster general type appointment. Gary Busey would win that hands down. :rofl: "Celebrities"? I usually ask 'who?' to my oldest son. :puffpipe:
  6. jimbo69


    I'm surprised, but thankful it is still in stock. I got 5 of each to try and age.
  7. jimbo69

    What Is Your Personal Motto?

    "Don't be a dick."
  8. jimbo69

    Are There Any GOOD Internet News Sites?

    No The diversity of viewpoints on the submitted articles keeps me reading them.
  9. jimbo69

    Flying with pipes and tobacco

    I fly for work fairly often. I always have my two pipe combo pouch (cleaners, matches, tool) in my suit jacket or carry on as well as a spare combo pouch in my checked bag. I usually carry several roll up pouches with tobacco along with it. I’ve never been hassled, aside from the time I left...
  10. jimbo69

    If Your House Were On Fire...

    Family first. Since my son lives with me and I have no other loved ones or pets in the house, then that is a no brainer. :puffpipe: It really depends on where... location location location. My snuff stash, cellar, pipes, humidors, ammo and armory live in one room though. My son and I...
  11. jimbo69

    Death Metal

    I'm a child of the 60's and love many genres of music. I challenge you to not rock out to some ABBA and Bee Gee's :-) Operatic death metal does seem to resonate with me lately though (Xandria/Epica/Evenescnence/Lacuna Coil, et al.) but I still appreciate old school punk. My 21yr old son...
  12. jimbo69

    Your Favorite Pipe. (Your old friend)

    Favorite or situational? Slumming around the house I'll range from the humble cob to my meers. Camping/hunting I'll take some of my (rather extensive collection of) falcons. I guess all my pipes are good friends. And to the original post, I solute you sir on the Royal Yacht, golf tee tamper...
  13. jimbo69

    Tobacco Aging Acceleration Devices

    *scratches his head* Was thinking it was meant as humor... or I hope so. 8O
  14. jimbo69

    Pipe Smoking Myth #2

    On the fence with this myth or fact. I've attempted to remove the stem from an off the truck (admittedly budget pipe) that resulted in a broken shank. I live in the Texas heat though. I'll usually just run a cleaner through after smoking, fold the cleaner in half and wipe the bowl out then set...
  15. jimbo69

    How long does a bowl last you?

    All of the above. For me it depends on the company. I can make a pipe last for an hour or so (with relights) with good discussion. Sitting alone on my porch, 20-30mins or so. I do have a Brog Lumberjack I have been meaning to try though. It'll take an entire tin at once :puffpipe:
  16. jimbo69

    WA SEA-TAC Area Pipe Smokers

    Will be in the area for the MSRA Conf. Any good locations to check out while I am up yonder?
  17. jimbo69

    Eureka, Montana.

    When I've backpacked I like to take pouches. They pack between everything. (Take-down bow and a quiver full works for me.)
  18. jimbo69

    Nothing At All Against You City Boys...

    No scared sheep where I live. Where I deer hunt? Well, TX is a diverse culture. :puffpipe:
  19. jimbo69

    P&C Bulk Dunhill Sale

    was $8 cheaper last year's sale (March-ish). Just sayin'
  20. jimbo69

    First Successful Fold & Stuff

    I like flakes for the flavor intensity, but I absolutely suck at fold/stuff no matter the configuration. Rubbed/cut works for me. YMMV