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  1. Commander McBragg

    Making a zippo even better

    There might be lots of people that cringe with the thought of using a zippo on a pipe. But I personally like using a zippo. I have a few different zippos. They were all becoming sort of boring to me after a while. I wanted something different and rather than buy yet another zippo I decided to...
  2. Commander McBragg

    Buying tobacco

    This may have already been discussed or may make people upset. I don’t mean any disrespect just curious of what others think. So recently C&D released a short batch of the Sun Bear. It went for sale at midnight on a Sunday and some places were sold out by 12:04 am shortly after midnight. Now...
  3. Commander McBragg

    Dunhill question

    More and more I’m seeing dunhill sandblasted pipes going for more than smooth. These are all pre 90’s. I always thought smooth dunhills were more valuable vs sandblast. As the briar had flaws in it and thus the reason they sandblasted it. But I’m seeing estate sandblast dunhills on SmokingPipes...
  4. Commander McBragg

    Help with a Dunhill

    Hi everyone. I have a dunhill that doesn’t have a number after the D in England or a patient number. Is there anyway I can figure out a date from what this? Is there a reason there’s no number after the D?
  5. Commander McBragg

    Peterson Christmas Pipes

    Did anyone buy any of the Peterson Christmas Pipes that were made available yesterday? Just curious if you did which one(s) did you get? I got 2 of them. The Hansom and the Deer Stocker
  6. Commander McBragg

    Greetings from Door County Wisconsin

    Hi Everyone my name is Mike. I‘ve been a pipe smoker on and off for over 20 years. My love for pipes started as a young boy when I was given a pipe To play Sherlock Holmes from my dad. I loved how it felt in my hand and that has never gone away. Thanks for letting me join