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    Watch City's Double Barrel

    This blend is set to be released by Watch City on December 9th as per their Fall Blend Release list. Does anybody know anything about it's makeup? I believe it is their annual Christmas blend. JIminks, have you tried it yet?
  2. D

    GH's Dark Plug/Flake vs. Revor Plug

    I just smoked a bowl of Revor Plug yesterday and it was full and satisfying, very good. It reminded me very much of Dark Flake from GH. It's been a while since I had DF, so in my mind I'm thinking they taste very similar. For those of you that have had both, what do you say? I'm curious to see...
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    Hearth & Home-Smoky Mountain & Bright Night/12-10-19

    Has anybody tried these two new blends from H&H? Sounds intriguing. Held in a press for a month. Then again, is there much difference between these and the Amphora ones that came out recently, or the two John Cotton options that are double pressed? Curious to see if anybody has tried them. I...
  4. D

    Gawith Hoggarth

    Just FYI these blends are back in stock at Smoking Pipes
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    Synjeco Pipe Shop

    I was thinking of ordering a couple of 250g plugs from them. Anybody that has done business lately with them have a general ballpark idea of what the shipping cost would be on 500g? Has your experience bringing it in to the U.S. from them been favorable? I have ordered tobacco from the Pipe...
  6. D

    Sutliff 507C Brothers

    For those of you like me that just don't quite appreciate Sutliff's 507c Virginia slices. I find it just too weak and bland for my tastes, so I decided to add a little Five Brothers to spice it up, and it hit the spot! Both the flavor and the strength bumped up at least a couple of notches. So...
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    Gawith Hoggarth RD Honeydew

    Hi guys. I've tasted several SG and GH blends and enjoy them. I have not tasted RD Honeydew. SP has some in stock, but first I thought I'd ask what you think of this blend as compared to some of the other GH blends. Is it dissimiliar enough from the other Lakeland offerings that it is worth...
  8. D

    St. Bruno in a BBB

    Howdy all. Just thought I'd share my experience. I recently bought an old BBB Own Make Virgin billiard that had seen some wear and tear over the years but fundamentally was in good shape. I cleaned her up and decided to recommision her with some St. Bruno. Now I've only had a few bowls of ole...
  9. D

    Vendor Tin Count

    From time to time I've seen someone say "Smoking Pipes has 20 tins left" or some such statement about some particular blend. How do you find that out? On SP's site I don't something to click to find that out. Or do you merely ask them how many they have in stock?
  10. D

    Stanwell Extra Fine

    Has anybody tried this blend before? P&C just sent out an email today that it is on sale. There is only one review on, so was wondering if anybody else enjoyed it as much as this fella seems to have. It is a VaBur with some Cavendish, and is at a good price
  11. D

    Anybody seen rmbittner?

    Just curious. I haven't seen him post for a while and wondered if anybody else has noticed? I have always enjoyed his contributions to the forum. Hope everything is ok with him.
  12. D

    John Aylesbury Luxury Flake

    I've had two tins on backorder since January. They just came in at Pipes & Cigars. I got my notice that they will ship Monday. I also ordered two new ones. Still in stock as of this moment. I'll get out of the way now so I don't get run over... :D
  13. D


    Was going through all the cards in my wallet, not credit cards, but the different ones you stick in there from Discount Tire, the dentist, Walmart gift card, etc. And what do I find nestled down in between a couple of them? A sweet, double-folded $100 bill. I love you Ben Franklin! There's no...
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    Bumps on Back of Tongue

    Hi everybody. I started smoking a pipe about six months ago. Never smoked anything before this. About a month ago as I was driving to work I felt an odd sensation at the back of my tongue whenever I swallowed. When I got back home at the end of the day I looked in the mirror and noticed that at...