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  1. wyfbane

    RIP Taylor Hawkins

    Great Drummer of the Foo Fighters. Same age as me. Too soon.
  2. wyfbane

    Your Cellar Size

    I have enough for myself and, if he doesn't become a nic fiend, my son to last to our ends.
  3. wyfbane

    Let’s Talk Lakeland’s…

    Thank you for weighing in. I'm other news, how amazingly awesome would it be to live in one of those two apartments!?
  4. wyfbane

    Your Cellar Size

    I have more than most, but far less than some. is what I used, but its kind of clunky.
  5. wyfbane

    Hello from Royal Oak, Mi

    Welcome from W. Tennessee.
  6. wyfbane


    Welcome from W. Tennessee.
  7. wyfbane

    Long Hair For Men Gives Unwanted Attention

    That's Minnie. She got hurt so we were rehabbing her so she could rejoin the flock.
  8. wyfbane

    GH Drop - What'd You Order?

    Didn't see this drop, but my priorities have shifted, of late. Hope everyone who wanted some got it, this go.
  9. wyfbane

    Long Hair For Men Gives Unwanted Attention

    Had long hair in college. Girls liked it. Army dictated my hair style for 22 years after that. Girls liked it. Now it's thinning a bit so I've shaved my head a few times to prep the family for that eventuality. Luckily my head is round with no flat spots, so I'm good there, too. But I have a...
  10. wyfbane

    What Was your First Pipe?

    Grabow Duke apple. My mom sent it to me in Afghanistan with some meh tobacco, circa 2006. It took me 6 years to pick it up after I got home but I've been going strong since.
  11. wyfbane

    Hello There!

    Welcome from W. Tennessee!
  12. wyfbane

    Odd Christmas Guests?

    On Ft. Lewis (Now JBLM), there are swans that live in a big pond by Madigan hospital. My ex wife got the shit kicked out of herself by the swans during mating season when she got too close. It was glorious. Congrats on your swans. Glad they are friendlier than the army swans. ha ha
  13. wyfbane

    New Member from Mississippi

    Welcome from W. Tennessee!!
  14. wyfbane

    Hi, Y'all from N.W. Arkansas.

    Welcome from Western TN!
  15. wyfbane

    Another Antique Store find

    That is terrific! Great find.
  16. wyfbane

    New Member- Michigan

    Welcome from W. Tennessee!!
  17. wyfbane

    Merry Christmas Twice

    Now that is a nice Christmas gift! Congratulations!
  18. wyfbane

    4 Year Old Newminster 400 - Exceptional!

    I recall when Jim reviewed it, he said it needs about a year to mature. All mine has at least that. Time to open a jar soon.
  19. wyfbane

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2021?***

    Sir Walter Raleigh Aro in a Comoy Pebble Grain 80. I like this stuff more than I thought I would.
  20. wyfbane

    Back to Back Bowls

    Glorious hijacking there! If I ever have the time and attention to smoke, I will go bowl after bowl. I change pipes out usually after 2 or 3, since by then I am usually changing tobaccos.