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  1. TheIronMonkey

    May the 4th Be with You

    I originally commissioned these two Darth Vader briar pipes from Oguz Simsek last fall—one for me, and one for my friend Chris for his birthday at the end of March this year. Chris is going to smoke his today to celebrate Star Wars. I was planning on embracing my inner geek and smoking mine...
  2. TheIronMonkey

    1,000th Post: Sharing Some Illustrations & Design I've Done

    Back in the early 2000s, I was a moderator at the Planet Tony Hawk video game forum. We had something of a tradition there: when a member would reach 1,000 posts (or any of its multiples), he or she would post something special. One member created an animated Flash cartoon with various members...
  3. TheIronMonkey

    Before & After Deoxidizer

    Any of you familiar with Steve Laug's pipe restoration blog are probably familiar with La Belle Epoque's Before & After Deoxidizer. I was getting tired of using buffing pads to remove oxidation from pipe stems, and I didn't like the fact that I was removing physical material from the stem. I...
  4. TheIronMonkey

    Birthday Haul

    So, a little while back, I had been eyeballing a Savinelli Giubileo d'Oro 320 KS Author pipe at—the idea of getting a three dot Savinelli with a matching tamper was very appealing. I have a couple of Punto Oro one dots, but, never had a three dot. I wasn't blown away by the pipe...
  5. TheIronMonkey

    Stripped Redmanol/Bakelite Stem "Repair"?

    I've done various searches and have come up with less than ideal solutions and thought I'd turn to the collective brain trust here. I have a late 19th Century/early 20th Century meerschaum pipe that is in need of repair to make it smokable. The original bone tenon is intact and solidly in place...
  6. TheIronMonkey

    Hi from PA & NY

    Hi All! My name is Jeff. I often find myself reading threads here and finally decided "Why not just join the forum?" My father smoked a pipe when I was a kid (he mainly chain smoked Pall Mall cigarettes, though.) I loved the smell of his cherry Borkum Riff that he bought by the large tin...