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  1. unclearthur

    OK I am back sorta.

    Please, anyone who ordered pipes let me know what it was that was ordered and I will get them right out. Spent the last while seriously laid up and nearly ended up living on the street due to an insurance mess up. Will not be taking orders again for a while. Need to clear back log. Long stupid...
  2. unclearthur

    Interesting day

    This morning a buddy of mine brought over his younger sister and three of her college friends to look at pipes. I sold three of the gals cheap estates and tossed in some PS nougat and 7 seas Regular. It was a hoot watching them go through the boxes of pipes looking for exactly the right one. So...
  3. unclearthur

    Meer reestem

    A meerschaum I replaced the stem on for a member.
  4. unclearthur

    Win some lose some.

    Getting back to working on a few pipes. I was doing a stummel for Stryder while ZI was also whipping up a nice little poker style nose warmer for another member. They were both going great! Finished off the nosewarmer quickly and was doing the final sanding on Stryders's bowl. I stick my...
  5. unclearthur

    Rumors of my death have been greatly exagerated.

    At LONG last I am able to get back and get caught up. Long story involving re injuring my hand , screwing up the other one and getting put down by mold of all things. I am now able to gradually get back into carving. Doc says that if I tear up my hand again he si going to " Kick my Irish A**...
  6. unclearthur

    I'm baaaaaaaack!

    Managed to do my self an injury involving my right hand. Am just now back to full use. Will be arse deep trying to get caught up on everything for a while.
  7. unclearthur

    Cutty in progress.

    Had a outrageously rotten weekend here so I am way behind but here is a WIP of Rigmedic's new cutty.
  8. unclearthur

    At last some organization

    Got my jars of tobacco in a decent place and tagged nicely. These are the ones I am currently enjoying.
  9. unclearthur

    Retort Report.

    Got one of the excellent retorts sold by another of our fine members and have been trying it out. First off it's well thought out with very high quality parts. Second it's bloody AMAZING! I have been running a few pipes through that I thought were clean. After the alcohol makes a couple passes...
  10. unclearthur

    A change of pace.

    For an occasional change of pace I really enjoy cigarillos . I never cared for big cigars so these little guys are just right. I also never cared for a chew with my smoke so Tonight I whipped up a new cigarillo holder.
  11. unclearthur

    Need an opinion.

    Which stem with this WIP?
  12. unclearthur

    PAD TAD Attack!

    My new Peterson B5 and pound of Autumn Evening were waiting for me when I got home this evening!
  13. unclearthur

    WIP for The Baron

    Clint wanted something to do with bees. So here's the start of a six panel CW for him
  14. unclearthur

    For Mr and Mrs Bob.

  15. unclearthur

    Good news. Bad news.

    The good news is I have a new computer, with a nice new LCD monitor that I can actually see colors on. The bad news is, when the old one died I lost most of the info for sales. Please pm me if you have an item coming, with name , screen name and item. Great to be back!
  16. unclearthur

    Going (wal)nuts

    Baskerville's new pipe in progress
  17. unclearthur

    When you hot. You HOT!

    Our resident dragon requested something swirly for the cob that he has on the way. Fire Swirl seemed the logical choice.
  18. unclearthur

    Pipe in progress (whole lotta bull.....Dog)

    Another thread got off on making a bullwarden. I just couldn't let an idea like that get away. Still a good bit of work to do on the stem, but I just had to show you all how my twisted idea came out.
  19. unclearthur

    It ain't junk

    It's something waiting to be reborn in a new and useful form. This started life as a godawful piece of tourist junk from Mexico. A copper mug with a brass handle and an ugly medallion of the front featuring "Aztecs" . A butane torch can be a beautiful thing. Removed the excess crap. Formed up a...
  20. unclearthur

    Unfinished pipes

    Another thread got going on unfinished pipes. I found these at Not bad looking and a real decent price.