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  1. Jwebb90

    What Tobacconist Should I Visit In London?

    Headed to London for the first time next week. What shops do y’all recommend?
  2. Jwebb90

    A New George Boyadjiev Fish

    I just added the second pipe from George Boyadjiev @gbpipes to my collection. I went to his shop last week to hangout and discuss plans for my next commission when I saw this pipe on his workbench. He wasn’t quite done with it but I knew that I wanted it. I’m smoking a bowl in it as I type and I...
  3. Jwebb90

    Bulgaria's Best Kept Secret: A Look At My New GBPipes Billiard

    George Boyadjiev (@gbpipes ) and my path crossed this September (check out the link below to find out more about that story). It did not take long for me to decide that I wanted to commission a pipe from him. Thankfully, it was not hard to decide on a shape because he and I both share a love for...
  4. Jwebb90

    A Serendipitous Encounter With Bulgarian Pipe Maker George Boyadjiev

    Earlier today I was in downtown Sofia, Bulgaria with Dal, @thepipesteward. We took a picture that he posted to a FB group. A short time later we were contacted by a Bulgarian man asking if we wanted to meet up for a pipe. Of course we did! Turns out that the man was George Boyadjiev, an artisan...
  5. Jwebb90

    Does Bijou Still Contain Vintage Leaf?

    We are all aware of the big hiccup that occurred with Bijou's release years ago. With that aside, it really is a great blend. I was looking to re-up my supply of this because all of mine are from right after the initial run and I am running low. However, it got me thinking about whether or not...
  6. Jwebb90

    Can’t Take Them All (Tobacco Edition)

    This is the follow up to my post from last week. You can view that thread here:’t-take-them-all-pipes-edition.85515/ Before getting to the tobacco I want to say thank you for all of the well wishes and generous offers to keep me well stocked for my...
  7. Jwebb90

    Sasieni Royal Stuart (Before & After)

    Just cleaned up this Sasieni I found at an antique shop. I had a hard time trying to restore the logo on the stem, but did what I could. Do not know much about the pipe. If you have any idea please let me know. Before: After:
  8. Jwebb90

    Can’t Take Them All (Pipes Edition)

    I’ve mentioned in other threads that my family will soon be moving to Bulgaria. We are going to serve in a local church plant and a ministry that helps women who are victims of sex trafficking. As much as I would like to take all of my pipes and tobacco it is simply not an option (especially the...
  9. Jwebb90

    Watch City - Glass Slipper

    Like many of you, I am a big fan of Watch City blends. The release of Glass Slipper Brought me out of my seven month tobacco buying hiatus. Did anyone else pick any of this up?
  10. Jwebb90

    Help Date a Charatan & Barling

    Can anyone guess at the dates or era of these pipes based on the nomenclature? Neither stem has a logo. Thanks!
  11. Jwebb90

    An Unfortunate Break

    Was just unpacking my pipe bag and discovered that the tenon on this Barling snapped. The pipe was inside of a hard shell case, so I am not sure how this happened. Pretty heartbreaking nonetheless.
  12. Jwebb90

    Wilke Tobacco

    I am interested in their Lizzie Blood Red Virginia but it seems their wheelhouse is aromatics. What do y'all like from them?
  13. Jwebb90

    Simply VOriental

    Is Currently in stock at Watch City but probably will not last long.
  14. Jwebb90

    New Non-Aromatic Cobblestone Offerings

    Noticed there are several new offerings in the Cobblestone line over at TP. The previous blends are all aromatics blended by Sutliff but these all appear to be Non-Aro’s made in Germany. Anyone tried these yet or have any info on them? Maybe @jiminks?
  15. Jwebb90

    Glue Recommendation

    I have two MM freehands that have loose shanks. What glue would y’all recommend to repair that issue? Thanks.
  16. Jwebb90

    Seattle Pipe Club Questions

    I know Sutliff produces SPC blends now, but did someone produce it before them? Also, Why did they stop offering SPC blends in bulk?
  17. Jwebb90

    SP 20th Speculation

    So far SP has delivered on a number of collaborative efforts in commemoration of their 20th anniversary. We have seen a number of pipes and one tobacco. I am curious to know what they have left up their sleeve. What would y’all like to see? edit: two tobaccos but both were from the same company.
  18. Jwebb90

    Aged OGS

    I am curious to know how well this one improves with time. Can anyone speak to OGS after 5-10 years of age? I want to know if it is the kind of blend that drastically improves or just mellows out a bit?
  19. Jwebb90

    A Gift From an Old Co-Worker

    My old buddy that used to work with me at a B&M just drove down for a visit. This was awesome because it has been almost five years since we last saw one another. He is a dyed in the wool cigar smoker, but I could get him to smoke a pipe from time to time. When we met up he surprised me with a...
  20. Jwebb90

    Cup O Joes Anniversary Blend No.23

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this blend?