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  1. jaydublin

    Dunhill sale - 45% off 10 tins

    Sorry if I missed an earlier post on this. Smoking Pipes is having a 45% off sale on bundles of 10 tins. I grabbed 5 Nightcap and 5 EMP.
  2. jaydublin

    New Sherlock Holmes Original coming - what's best for that pipe?

    My wonderful wife has purchased a beautiful Peterson Sherlock Holmes Original as a Christmas gift for me and I've been good to my promise not to open it early. It's been sitting in it's wrapped box for 2 months now! As I can smell the finish line at this point, I'm beginning to obsess. I have...
  3. jaydublin

    As cold weather approaches - what to do?

    This is my first year of smoking a pipe regularly, and I smoke exclusively outdoors (I just have an aversion to smoking indoors after 50 years being a non-smoker). I'm guessing there are others here who only smoke outside, and I'm wondering what you do in the winter. Do you just bundle up and...
  4. jaydublin

    Newbie discovery - smoking two tobaccos simultaneously

    I’m sure many of you have done this before, but it was a revelation for this newbie. Sometimes I have a hard time really detecting the subtlety of flavor from the straight VAs/VAPers. At times they seem magical, and at others I can only sense an ashy-ness. When I’m smoke my Old Dublin, Night...