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  1. jaytex1969

    Subjective Captcha Image

    What am I, a dog psychoanalyst?? Maybe I am. I DID get it right, apparently.
  2. jaytex1969

    Liking Comments On Closed Threads

    I think we used to be able to use the "like" feature on individual posts in threads, even if they were closed. Someone just linked to an older, closed thread for reference in a current thread and I was going to like the older content but the option was not there. Que pasa? Thanks.
  3. jaytex1969

    The Great Mylar Discussion

    As I continue unpacking boxes from my recent move, I find myself getting more organized than ever. I have found and corralled upwards of 10 pounds of bulk requiring long term storage solutions. I have maybe the equivalent of 20 flats worth of jarred tobacco already taking up real estate. The...
  4. jaytex1969

    Florida Preparing For Hoosier's Arrival!

    We may all now rest soundly... Has Florida Man finally met his match? Meet Florida Sheriff -
  5. jaytex1969

    Who Likes 9MM Pipes?

    What do you like about them?
  6. jaytex1969

    Happy Fishnbanjo Day VI

    Our traditions help to bind us together through shared experience. Our rituals bring a peaceful normalcy into our often unstable existence. Please join me in celebrating an old friend of the forum who shared with us many of his traditions and rituals. Sante Giulani, or fishnbanjo, joined the...
  7. jaytex1969

    Pest Control

    A good old fashioned attitude adjustment...
  8. jaytex1969

    You People Have No Taste

    Just noticed that, as of last week, I've been hanging out here for five years now. What does that say about your collective judgement of character? nnnn Thanks for having me!
  9. jaytex1969

    Red Burley

    I've recently delved into a partial bag of Gawith Hoggarth & Co's American Sweet Peach that I took in trade last year. The description is as follows: "A blend of red burleys with cavendished Virginia. The casing process, where the blend is dipped or sprayed, imparts the lasting background...
  10. jaytex1969

    Sea Beef! It's What's For Dinner

    I can only imagine it's like Chicken Of The Sea, only better with a red wine.... nnnn Just grabbed this from that damned auction site, my first bid in months, I think. I don't think the seller misnamed it, rather his form of humor. LINK
  11. jaytex1969

    Embers Following Day

    It may come as no surprise to anyone that I am inebriated. As I continue to slug away at the cheap vino rojo as my disposal, I managed to snag this screen shot. Duane has been an above average digital friend to me (as have a few of you) and I want to both thank him and give him shit. This...
  12. jaytex1969

    Please Tell Me About...

    ...My latest Cheap Ass Cigar Acquisitions. I did some CI "Build Your Own" sampler kind of thing. There's a fellow on YouTube named Insomniac who does a "Should I Smoke This" series. Each of my selections passed his one minute of scrutiny (he does short and long reviews) and I've found that I...
  13. jaytex1969

    Second Look: Drexel VIII

    Since I've been here, I've carved a very casual documentary of my pipe journey through a ragged series of reviews. If you search =1&c[users]=jaytex1969&o=date']"First Impression" under my screen name, thirty entries will bequeath unto you, 29 times more than you care to know, my opinion of...
  14. jaytex1969

    Cheap Classy Place

  15. jaytex1969

    New Rules Here?

    I see what looks like new instructive text being added to the beginning of everyone's sale posts. Did I miss a memo? Is it posted somewhere? What do I do if I want to PM a complaint to someone and then post about it? Thank you in advance for deleting mt post! nnnn
  16. jaytex1969

    Why, I Ask...

    From Yahoo "News".
  17. jaytex1969

    In The News

  18. jaytex1969

    Is mawnansmiff OK?

    @mawnansmiff Let us know if we can do anything to help! rotf Bomb squad called to ER after a patient turned up with a WWII artillery shell lodged in his rectum, police say -
  19. jaytex1969

    About To Pop A Jar.

  20. jaytex1969

    The Line Forms To The Left...

    Just got the email reminder that LJ Peretti's Thanksgiving Blend goes on sale November 1. No pushing. There's plenty to go around.....