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  1. lordofthepiperings

    Micallef Cigars

    Anyone else into the Micallef brand? A buddy of mine who lives in Texas got me on them. Gave me a Migdalia and it was really good. Been working my way through the rest of their portfolio. Really good group of people on the ambassadors page. Brand really supports the B&Ms so that's basically...
  2. lordofthepiperings

    Sam Adebayo - SmokingPipes American Expo

    Every year SP does an American Exposition where their American carvers are given a theme and then create unique and incredible pipes for the Expo. This year’s theme was influences. I was lucky enough to buy one of my favorite carvers Sam Adebayo’s submission, an amazing dark stain blasted Lovat...
  3. lordofthepiperings

    New Ryan Alden Pipe

    I picked up this amazing dark stain sandblasted bulldog with ivorite accent. Love Ryan’s work! Some of the most comfortable stems ever and the shaping and finishing is top notch.
  4. lordofthepiperings

    Mac Baren's London Burley Blend - Limited Run 2019

    So glad to hear this is coming back for a limited run! Last year (2018) I stumbled across a tin from the last run which I believe was somewhere around 10yrs old. When it got cooler here in Vegas (I know I know desert rats don't know cold) I rehydrated some of it and smoked it for about a week...
  5. lordofthepiperings

    C&D Manhattan Afternoon

    One day I was browsing through C&Ds massive catalog on a SmokingPipes and came across Manhattan Afternoon. The Wessex and Fribourg & Treyer blends were post on SP so I decided to add in a tin of Manhattan Afternoon to that order to check it out. Really like the tin artwork. Classy vintage...
  6. lordofthepiperings

    New John Aylesbury Rollagas Style Lighter

    I saw SmokingPipes picked these up. Figured for $56 it was worth a go. I like it so far. Just a bit curious if anyone knows how to replace the flint for these? I’ve never had this style of lighter before.
  7. lordofthepiperings

    2019 SmokingPipes American Exposition

    Well, they done did it again. SP got their US carvers to put out a pipe with a theme for the 4th of July American Exposition. This being the 5th annual they went with the original bamboo theme. It was an AMAZING group of pipes! Todd Johnson using a really unique S curved piece of bamboo where he...
  8. lordofthepiperings

    GL Pease - Fillmore

    I picked up a tin back when Stuff&Things (Bradley) did a review of it.Finally got around to cracking it open just now. The tin is dated 11/24/17 so this has some age on it. The tin note was mostly that wonderful fruity Virginia aroma. Definitely the star of the scent. When I lit it up...
  9. lordofthepiperings

    GL Pease - Cumberland

    Picked up a tin a while back and finally got around to cracking it open. It's dated 12-27-17 so it's a bit over a year age on it. After two bowls the overall consensus on it so far is... it's quite spicy. The red VAs are really nice rich dark fruit notes. The Perique is a nice figgy kind of...
  10. lordofthepiperings

    Scottie Piersel Sandblast Pencil Shank Straight Dublin

    I swear, it feels like I must have somehow handed Shane Ireland my bucket list of pipes, cause this year I’ve seen a number that I’ve been looking for quite some time to get. This new one is no exception. Since I saw Scottie’s pencil shank pipes I’ve wanted one and now that I’m collecting...
  11. lordofthepiperings

    West Coast Pipe Show 2018

    It’s only a few months away now (November 10th & 11th). I’m getting anxious for the show. Curious as to who all will be attending this year. If anyone has heard of carvers, blenders, B&Ms, pipe/tobacco companies that have confirmed they’ll be there please mention it here. I’ve heard the...
  12. lordofthepiperings

    My First Sam Adebayo

    SmokingPipes got back to me on some estates I’d sent in (very timely I might add), so I finally pulled the trigger on a Sam Adebayo Lovat I’ve been eyeing for quite some time. It’s also the first pipe with a Bakelite stem for me. Can’t wait to get it and have the first break in bowl!
  13. lordofthepiperings

    Newminster 403 Superior Round Slices

    This is just a first impressions from me. The bag note to me was a kind of old school pipe tobacco. It had that earthy Burley scent predominate with a bit of the grassy hay and fruit scents of the Virginias. I used the Per Jensen packing method of taking some coins (about 4) stacking them on...
  14. lordofthepiperings

    SmokingPipes 2018 American Exposition

    Wow, just wow. SmokingPipes asked American carvers to create a piece for this 2018 Exposition and they didn’t disappoint. Scott Thile offered up this amazing blasted strawberry wood. Once I saw it I couldn’t pass it up. Haven’t had a strawberry wood yet, so any advice on breaking it in would be...
  15. lordofthepiperings

    Artisan "Shop Pipes"

    I've seen a few artisan carvers do this recently, they're reducing price and selling flawed pipes that they normally wouldn't have sold. I don't understand this. The name and respect was garnered because they weren't putting out flawed pipes and with that came a higher price tag. Why would you...
  16. lordofthepiperings

    Pipe Price Points

    I'm listening to the Sykes & Rick Newcombe IPSD episode 75 and the part came up about price. When I first got into the hobby I thought every pipe should be $20. Why would anyone spend $100 on a pipe? Pipes are pipes right? Then I got into the hobby seriously and saw a Peterson Aran for $80 and...
  17. lordofthepiperings

    Silver Gray Hawkbill

    Silver posted a few pics of some recent Hawkbills she made and they looked absolutely AMAZING, so when this popped up on SmokingPipes I didn’t hesitate to buy it. Can’t wait to get it and have the first bowl in it!
  18. lordofthepiperings

    Draft Hole Diameter

    I’m getting more in depth into artisan pipes now, so I’m paying more attention to the details and I was wondering what is the average diameter of a draft hole? Does it follow logic that if you make it slightly bigger the draw is looser?
  19. lordofthepiperings

    GL Pease - Union Square

    I tried this one back in 2012 when I was still quite wet behind the ears in the pipe world. I hadn't yet gotten into the pipe shows. I was still very much hooked on aromatics. I saw this tin at a local shop and figured I'd give it a go, because everyone here on the forums were talking about...
  20. lordofthepiperings

    Peterson Horn Stem Silver Spigot

    Saw these on SmokingPipes and absolutely had to order it. Love the 87 apple in Peterson’s shape catalogue. The sandblast on this is awesome as well as the silver work. The stem is absolutely incredible. Can’t wait to give this a break in bowl!