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  1. drwatson

    A Short Rant About Getting Magazines About Pipes in Mail!

    Other day I received a new catalog/magazine in the mail. Was very excited, went right to the throne room to enjoy and take a look at. Seen several items that I wanted to order, went right to the laptop to stock up. To my surprise, Backordered, Backordered, Backordered...I mean come on! If your...
  2. drwatson

    Black Friday

    Has anyone heard through the grapevine if any of the online stores will be doing a black Friday/ cyber Monday sales?
  3. drwatson

    Are You Maker Loyal?

    Looking at my racks today I noticed that most of my pipes seem to me from the same few makers. At my high point I have had about 150 pipes in my collection. Dunhill,Peterson, Savinelli, Boswell, Ben Wade, Comoy, Ashton, So on & So on.... I have been slowly selling many as (FOR ME) it was just to...
  4. drwatson

    Falcon Pipe Washer repair.

    Recently I was able to grab some pipes at an auction, one of which was an older unnsmoked Falcon pipe bowl (only). I have notice that the black washer thing next to the threads is gone. I tried it on my pipe and screws in to tight without it, making the draw to restricted. If I back it off some...
  5. drwatson

    Blue Colored Tobacco????

    I have one bulk blend that is always my go to tobacco. Often I don't get to smoke the whole bowl and will save the rest for after work. I have really never looked in the bowl after dumping some ash, before I do a light. The past couple smokes after I dumped the ash I noticed on the top of the un...
  6. drwatson

    Klause is one Heck of a great guy!!!

    A while back he posted about some vintage Log Cabin tobacco he scored at a store. I asked him if he would be willing to sell me one, just because I was really interested in the tin, more than anything. Anyway he sent me a vintage unopened tin. I debated on opening it, but after a hour or two I...
  7. drwatson

    Drilling Off Center! Should I Even Try?

    Last night I got a few pipes at a local auction, one of the pipes is a 9 inch long lumberman. On doing a initial cleaning I noticed the drilling is way off center in the bowl. Instead of being in the middle of the bowl, its very far to the left of bowl. Almost to the point of touching the side...
  8. drwatson

    Do "oil cured" take longer to break in?

    So over the years I have heard about "oil cured" pipes and how much better they smoke, that there are only a few makers that do this process still. I don't own any Dunhills, but did recently buy an Ashton, and this pipe seems like it is taking forever to turn into the great smoker I thought it...
  9. drwatson

    A Christmas Story/Secret Santa Thank You!

    I have never been a huge Christmas fan. Throughout the years there have been so many bad memories. Nothing like the little brat that didn't get what he wanted for Christmas memories. But more of the deep seeded emotional kind that last a lifetime. I was the scrooge that could have never looked...
  10. drwatson

    Black Friday Deals??

    Has anyone heard a rumors of possible deals for Black Friday/Cyber Monday from our favorite smoking sites?
  11. drwatson

    Corona lighters, other than the old boy

    The which lighter topic has been beat to death, but one thing I have noticed within these discussions is that there are more IM Corona lighters than just the old boy. So my question is has anybody had any experience with the Accord, Delgado, or Pipemaster? These all look like really fine...
  12. drwatson

    Missing Walker Briar Works

    Ever since Dave retired for making the Forever Stems for cobs, I have been missing them. The new company that the torch has been passed too seems to be lacking. Their site has been down for over a month, and the don't have the filtered and unfiltered pipe stem. I am glad that I stocked up on...
  13. drwatson

    The deep bent pipes. (A Question)

    Most of my pipes are straight, or about 1/4 bent. The Savinelli 626 is my deepest bent. Lately I have been eyeing a Savinelli 614 which has a very deep bend. There is something about it that just looks cool. So for you that have deep bents, how do they smoke?
  14. drwatson

    What is With Online Pipe Reviews?

    So this may be a RANT, but I like to think of it as more of an observation. I have been watching some pipe and or tobacco reviews online (videos). And although I am grateful for any tips anyone may give on a certain blend or pipe, I wish some of them would go back and watch it themselves before...
  15. drwatson

    I'm Bored! Let's Have Some Fun!

    As I have been kinda bored as of late I thought of a small little contest, which should be fun for a day or two. Winner of this contest will get a goodie bag of tobacco (tins,bulk,aro,eng,non aro) and anything else I may want to throw in there. Postage paid by me, no strings attached. RULES...
  16. drwatson

    Breaking Pipes

    We have all seen threads about how many pipes you have, or how many is too many. What I was wondering is, how many pipes have you broke/lost/destroyed/burned out since you started. For this questions we should exclude cobs, for the reason I know some who only use them as tester pipes or abuse...
  17. drwatson

    Dunhill Cutty estate find

    Okay was at antique store today and came across what claimed to be a 1915 dunhill for 80 bucks. pipe looked in awesome condition so I picked it up. Did a little research on my own and think it is a 1922. stamped as follows DUNHILL LONDON (left side) Made in England2 (right side) "inner tube"...
  18. drwatson

    Cure For Gurgle

    So I came across a trick that works for me, but may not work for every pipe. Have a Peterson Rosslare that no matter what I smoke, How I smoke, How dry or damp my tobacco is, How fast/slow I smoke...This thing would gurgle..I love my Petersons and would not give up on this pipe. In a last ditch...
  19. drwatson

    Congress votes today on new tobacco ban!!!

    Seen the news this morning? Our wonderful congress votes today on the new proposed tobacco ban that will put many farms, companys out of business. Pipe tobacco on the top of their list. Keep your cellars stocked! here is the link...
  20. drwatson

    One for the Beatles fans and conspiracy junkies.

    So being alittle under the weather, thought I would have fun on Youtube. I came across this, now I have heard this one before. But after watching this, one starts to think deeper. Now of course some of it may be like looking for a pony in clouds, but WOW there is some strange stuff in this...