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  1. andrew

    Vacuum sealing packages of tobacco

    I just received 2 250 gram boxes of Samuel Gawaith tobacco that were vacuum sealed by the seller, so I did some research about the pros and cons of leaving it as is, or jarring it. Well I found the answer to this topic that has been discussed on here sometimes. I will definitely jar it as...
  2. andrew

    Flavoring Flake/Rope Tobacco With Rum/Whisky Etc.

    I have quite a bit of Brown Bogie and a good amount of rum and whisky lying around and would like to experiment with making my own flavored rope, plus doing the same with some PS Luxury Bullseye flake. My question is how much alcohol do you use, do you dry the tobacco first, and how long do you...
  3. andrew

    What Flake Style Tobacco are you Smoking in your Danish Style Freehand (October)

    Peter stokkebye LTF in my Danish pride Freehand.
  4. andrew

    New blends from Cigar Companies

    Just saw these on the pipes and cigars website, interesting.
  5. andrew

    Mini Cigar Sale Just thought I'd let you guys know about this, I have 70 la gloria cubana petit's coming, probably my all time favorite small cigar so far, pretty much on par with most cubans. 30 Partages purito's too...
  6. andrew

    Lent- What are you giving up?

    I think I'll give up smoking stonehaven and penzance. I don't have any so it's a pretty serious commitment. In all honesty though true fasting isn't giving up one thing, it's giving up many things.
  7. andrew

    In the Spirit of the Briar Brotherhood

    Hey guys, I just want to say thanks for everything this forum has done for me. I just got this email in my spam folder, and since I'm already engaged I figured I'd pass it on, she looks too good to be true.
  8. andrew

    Cup O Joes 10% entire site

    Use coupon code 4536BAE34ABC98D until december 21 for 10% entire order. Also the site has been revamped
  9. andrew

    E-Cigs Linked To "Popcorn Lung" I feel vindicated of my assessment E-cigs are going to be a health crisis.
  10. andrew

    Williams Mug Soap Being Discontinued?

    There's a lot of chatter right now about Williams Mug Soap being discontinued on the internet, I'm wondering if it's simply rumors or if it's in fact being discontinued. There are several posts about it with people stating they contacted the company and recieved a reply stating it's being...
  11. andrew

    Stanley Cup Playoffs 2015

    Well it snowed today, and Winnipeg is bringing back the whiteout in 15 minutes, almost 19 years later. Big moment for us.
  12. andrew

    4noggins 1 day sale:Balkan Sasieni $5.05/tin

    Rich Macedonian Orientals and pungent Latakia are blended with a base of golden and red Virginias to produce what has become one of the most popular premium pipe tobaccos in the world. The history of Balkan Sasieni Smoking Mixtures begins almost a hundred years ago and this fine tobacco draws...
  13. andrew

    Antique Store Bragging Finds.

    Since getting into straight razor shaving I've gotten 2 absolutely amazing deals. The first one was a Boker King Cutter straight razor for 20$ that is from the period between 1924-1935 according to the stamp, mint condition blade except for a broken scale. It doesn't even look like it was used...
  14. andrew

    Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake One Day Sale $7.29/ 10 tins/person
  15. andrew

    Three Nuns 8.68$/tin 1 Day Sale Today At This is a great blend, forget about if it's similar or not to the old Three Nuns. It's a 4/4 star blend if you like Va blends. Also in stock BCDF There is also Semois available now...
  16. andrew

    Cigar Smokers, Let's Get This Going Again! Kevin's other site is dead, let's breathe life into it from all the members who smoke cigars here.
  17. andrew

    4noggins- Esoterica Margate, And So To Bed available

    1 bag limit of each
  18. andrew

    Erinmore $5.79 tin 1 day sale today.

    Oops, $5.75 Limit 10/customer
  19. andrew

    Split Level Jet Air Pipe by Teaford Ernie Very interesting piece I came across on ebay, definitely one of a kind. Buy it now price for 40$