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    Lifes Been a Little Rough This Last Year.

    Orley, so sorry to hear of your wife's passing, and the troubles your daughters have been having. I said a prayer of peace and blessing for all of you, and pray you will continue to gain strength and peace as time goes on. May you find some comfort in that new pipe as you think of her. Shalom
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    The GBD Collectors Thread

    Beautiful pipe Al. Love that shape
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    Everybody, Please have a Smoke for My Buddy Kane!

    I feel for you didimauw. That's hard after so many years. RIP Kane. Nothing better than a man, his dog, and a pipe. Sorry for what you're going through
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    5x Sutliff Crumble Kake No. 3 Navy 2x Sutliff Crumble Kake Vaper 2x Sutliff Crumble Kake Red Vir. 3x C&D Eight State Burley 8 oz. Crooner 4 oz. Pegasus 2 oz. Old Joe Krantz
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    Minty Mouth Feel/Flavor

    I've experienced this same thing at times, especially in the past when my cadence was too fast, and yes it gave an almost "minty" sensation. At first I thought it was just that specific blend that contributed to that specific "flavor" but it happens with other blends as well. I guess unless it's...
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    Ken Barnes Posts

    Thank you Jesse for the work and time. Thanks Kevin for your support. Ken was an outstanding person and his words and knowledge of anything Charatan or Upshall are worth preserving
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    Royal Yacht Buzz

    Yeah i had Crooner for the first time yesterday. Very pleasant smoke and I noticed the nic but to me it wasn't as strong as RY, although that one to me is not as strong as Irish Flake. Crooner is the old timey smell I have smelled in some old estate pipes but didn't know what blend it was. Now I...
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    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Local shop as in something like a thrift store or antique shop? Or at a local tobacco shop? Either way let us know how it turned out
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    Kendal Cream

    Same for me. Disappointing. Not bad just not that tasteful to me compared to the other Lakelands. Keep thinking that several more months will make a difference but hasn't over the several years I've had it
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    GH Drop - What'd You Order?

    8 oz. Ennerdale 8 oz. Dark Flake aromatic 4 oz. Brown Flake unscented 4 oz. Whiskey Twist
  11. D


    Wilke #111 is a favorite of mine. However, depending on how forward you want the orientals, this may be a little on the light side, and it has a little bit of burley. The Latakia is just condimental. Here is Jim Inks review: Reviewed By Date Rating Strength Flavoring Taste Room Note...
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    Cornell & Diehl Folklore

    Was in bed by 10:00 and up at 5:00. SP and TP sold out by then. Cup of Joes was sold out. But Watch City still had some for about $3 more at 8:30 CST so I got lucky
  13. D

    Is There Anything Close to Old Gowrie?

    Solani Silver Flake might be in the same ballpark. No perique like Old Gowrie is supposed to have but has red virginia, and has some Kentucky like O.G. Proportions I'm sure are a little different
  14. D

    Show Your Ken Barnes Pipes

    Wish I had one to show. I always enjoyed his contributions on this website. His pipes are gorgeous. IF in the future anybody ever thinks about selling one let me know. That is a beautiful pipe!
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    Meerschaum Pipe Display at Oz Arts, Nashville TN

    Thanks for sharing. Those are some really nice looking Meers. Like being in a candy shop as a kid.
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    Happy Thanksgiving And Safe Travels To All!

    Great picture Hoosier. Thanks for sharing. These are the best things about the holidays, being with the ones we love and don't get to see so much. You're not as bad as Harris makes you out to be;)
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    Cascadia Pipe Co Plug Tobacco - Weezel & Condor Do a 'Top Gear' on Tobacco!!

    Three of them are a burley/virginia mix. Are they that much different than Peterson's 3P? $14.99 vs. $9.99. Hard to justify the price unless they have some kind of unique taste that 3Ps doesn't have. Maybe their toppings make it so? Dunno. Just curious
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    Cascadia Pipe Co Plug Tobacco - Weezel & Condor Do a 'Top Gear' on Tobacco!!

    Hi Simon. Am looking forward to hearing your opinion on some of these new plugs.
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    First Impression: GL Pease Stonehenge Flake

    Bought a few of the new release back in 2017. Popped one right away and thought nothing too special but that was par for the course with Pease blends. So it has sat since that time. I knew it would get better with age. Couldn't remember the deeming rules if this reintroduced blend would not be...
  20. D

    No, Sorry, Not Dead Yet. However... :)

    Bill, had noticed you haven't been around lately. Glad to hear you are doing better and do keep checking in as often as you are able