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  1. undecagon

    Just Ordered A New Meer

    WOW - It's been a hell of a long time since I've posted something here. TONS of cool music stuff going on. Hope you have all been well. If you caught my radio show interview you may recall me mentioning I had gotten a meerschaum pipe finally. Well, I picked it up for $20 at an estate sale. The...
  2. undecagon

    Logging Your Tobacco Cellar

    Any one have any interesting ideas on keeping a log for their cellar? Mine is pretty small, but finally grown above what a single drawer can keep. So I decided to put everything into a spreadsheet to keep track of what I've got. Since it's now just two drawers that are right next to each other...
  3. undecagon

    A Little Relief From TAD -- Thanks SmokingPipes!

    I must say, I find the usage of "TAD" in certain thread titles a little weird. "Got my next TAD in today." Got my next tobacco acquisition disorder in today? I'm not sure that I had a little RELIEF from TAD with this smoking pipes order! (Grammatical sidebar now closed.) I love...
  4. undecagon

    Free Rossi T-Shirt on

    If you buy a new Rossi pipe, you get the T-shirt! Unfortunately, I didn't see a Rossi that really caught my eye :( If someone like's a Rossi, but doesn't like the T, I wear a small, but medium will do if none are available :lol:
  5. undecagon

    Does This Look Like a Tie to You?

    That's the question my smoking friends and I always tend to ask as the night draws late and we rest on the couches with our pipes resting down our chest. I'm no stranger to a suit, but I don't ever where ties, so tell me....Does it?
  6. undecagon

    New Luciano Today

    Well, I decided to check out Iwan Ries's stock since their September sale is going on. I left with this pipe and a tin of Blackpoint. I had a half bowl earlier, and am going to have a full one now. Then, I'll be contemplating what rack to buy next, because I think this puts me at 4 or 5 pipes...
  7. undecagon

    Sutliff's Website Has a Cool Questionaire

    Want to know your perfect blend? At least closest to perfect that happens to also be offered by Sutliff? :nana: Check out their site, it will prompt you to take their "Quiz" and give you your result! It told me I'd like Blend No. 5, which I have had...
  8. undecagon

    Good Place to Send a Broken Mouthpiece?

    My Uncle is a clencher and bit a hole in his mouthpiece. I have one with a tiny hole as well, but his has a chunk missing. Any good spots to send in for repair? I'm thinking Walker Pipe Repair . Anyone have experience there, or other suggestions also appreciated! Sorry, I don't have a good...
  9. undecagon

    I Want A Meerschaum

    For the past few years, a friend and I have given each other pipes every year for our Birthdays. Well, I have wanted a meer for awhile, and decided this year, I'd get two in December, one for him on his Birthday, and one for someone to buy from me and give to me on Christmas (and if I can't...
  10. undecagon


    I am starting to take a liking to Vodka. It has always been that my Father drinks Vodka, and I drink Whisky, generally single malts. As such, I always have a bottle of Vodka in my freezer for when my parents visit. However, I've started drinking more vodka myself. I used to be repulsed by it...
  11. undecagon

    Prometheus Lighters-Anyone Have One?

    I'm considering pulling the trigger on this guy , any one used one before? Thoughts?
  12. undecagon

    WHAT? No Celery Salt!?!

    Ok, this'll be my last for this morning (I've started 3 whole topics!) but man, was I upset just now. Ice, Vodka, and V8. Some Worcestershire, Tabasco, and horseradish. Cracked black pepper and a stir. Now grab the celery salt for the top of the glass....and WHAT!?!? I'm OUT! Ugh - this better...
  13. undecagon

    My Uncle Got A Second Pipe!

    Took my Uncle to Iwan Ries last week. He used to smoke nails for as long as I had known him, and then quit about 5 years ago. About two years ago he picked up a pipe, and has smoked Maple blends (he was in Arizona, and I believe picked his stuff up from Tinder Box) since. Well, he just moved in...
  14. undecagon

    House of Calabash

    Any one check out their site lately? I saw Roth mention them in an older post (they do custom blends and also attempt to recreate discontinued blends, if I understand correctly) and I wanted to check them out. But when I go to their site, all the navigation leads to a page that reads: HACKED BY...
  15. undecagon

    My Clay is Coloring Nicely...

    Here it is from yesterday. I stopped for a smoke after playing at church and getting breakfast with my parents :)
  16. undecagon

    Some Forum Maintenance

    I just want to remind everyone to proof read their posts! This includes checking for punctuation as well as spelling. I've seen a number of posts lately that have absolutely no commas or periods, and it makes them awful to read. And the simplest thing to fix, but too often ignored: it is I, I'm...
  17. undecagon

    Chicago Show -- Silent Auction Success!

    Show is a blast as always! There is a bunch of articles in the making, so I'll let them give the details. In the meantime, drool over this:
  18. undecagon

    Morning Pipe

  19. undecagon

    Club Blends and Online Retailers

    Just curious how P& got both NYPC and SPC blends (those are the ones I've had and interested in, but further review shows they also have: A.S.P. pipe club and Sherlock Holmes pipe club blends) yet doesn't offer any of these. I have no problem ordering from P&C, and have done so a...