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  1. dcon

    Another Reason to Deeply Cellar

    Dunhill (Murray) 965 may/may not be my absolute favorite pipe tobacco but, it was a reliable mainstay. The expected taste and satisfaction was reliably dependable. I had what I thought was a sufficient stash but, regrettably, I ran out of most of it several years ago and smoked the last of it...
  2. dcon

    Hilary Watson RIP

    I just read the sad news that golfing great Tom Waton's wife passed away this morning from pancreatic cancer.
  3. dcon

    Initial Tastes: SG Black Cherry

    I just wanted to give a brief synopsis of my first bowl oh SG Black Cherry. I purchased this tobacco on my recent trip to Moscow. I have not seen this tobacco available in the US and did not see it reviewed on TR. I will try to write a full review of this after more experience with the blend...
  4. dcon

    A Visit To Casa Del Habano, St. Petersburg, Russia

    As promised, finally, here is my account of my recent visit to Casa Del Habano in St. Petersburg, Russia. The storefront was completely unobtrusive, with no gaudy signs denoting the store’s existence. I initially passed the store while observing an interesting federal building across the...
  5. dcon

    The State Of Russian Pipe Smoking

    I have settled in for a couple of days after my recent 2 week trip to the Russian Federation. As promised, here are my thoughts about pipe smoking in Russia. I spent a week in Moscow and a week in Saint Petersburg. I may have only this limited data to draw upon, but, I found the pipe smoking...
  6. dcon

    Duty Free, Not What It Used To Be

    I just finished perusing the duty free At SVO (Sherrmtyevo Airport in Moscow). The “tobacco section” is securely locked behind a counter and you have to request access. There is absolutely nothing for pipe smokers. No pipe tobacco whatsoever. They have a small selection of portable packs of...
  7. dcon

    SG Is Out There

    I got thoroughly stocked at the last go round but, for those that care to look, there is SG available. Some of it is located at non-advertisers to this forum so, I will not give them a free plug. If you are too lazy to look, I will answer any PMs.
  8. dcon

    I Missed It Too

    I came in on the tail-end of an Esoterica drop on SP today. By the time I realized what was happening and moved a few bags to my cart, they disappeared just as quick. This happens. You have to be ultra-fast with the purchase. Did anybody get to take advantage of this opportunity?
  9. dcon

    4th Generation Small Batch Aged VA

    Is anybody else looking forward to this? It is supposed to be released in late July- early August. It is described as light and dark Virginias chosen from 10 year old leaf. It is produced by SG for Stokkebye, has a broken/ribbon cut, no toppings or condimental leaf. I think this might be a...
  10. dcon

    Traditional Smooth or Traditional Carved?

    SP’s 10% off sale has the PAD juices flowing. I am trying to decide between a smooth or lattice AKB Meerschaum. I currently own a Muhsin volcano. I know that I want a larger pipe this go round and I am not ‘into’ carved (animal, people, et al). I prefer more traditional shapes. The decision is...
  11. dcon

    First Briar From a DIY Kit

    I finally gave this one its first smoke this morning. I made it about 2 months ago. It is my first attempt and done mostly with hand tools and Dremels.
  12. dcon

    Second Cob Mod

    This is my second cob mod (the first is on the right in my avatar). I just started modding cobs and have done one diy briar kit. I have never had an artistic bone in my body. Hell, I can’t even draw a straight line with a ruler. I do find this for fun. I expect to do more of these as I get...
  13. dcon

    The Psychology of Brands

    As a political scientist, I have researched and studied symbolism. I wrote my capstone thesis on The Politics of Stadium Building which, relates to this concept. So how does symbolism relate to pipe smoking? I "feel" that tobacco branded blends invariably smoke "best" in the same branded pipe...
  14. dcon

    Match 965 Now Match 20

    While perusing the SmokingPipes website yesterday I noticed that Sutliff Match 965 was no longer listed amongst their bulks. Today, researching the latest on Dunhill replacements (another interesting topic), I saw a link for “Match 20”. This took me to the SmokingPipes page where this is listed...
  15. dcon


    I am a long time lurker joining the action. I believe I once was a very inactive member (over a decade ago) many years and emails ago. My “online” viewing and occasional posts date back to the old alt.newsgroups for tobacco, pipe, and cigars. I am approaching my sixth decade and have been a...