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  1. jservant98

    I Thought This Was Funny.

    A man and his ever-nagging wife went on vacation in Jerusalem . While they were there, the wife passed away . The undertaker told the husband, "You can have her buried here in the Holy Land for $150 or we can have her shipped back home for $5,000 .The husband thought about it and told the...
  2. jservant98

    Question About Clenching

    Is there a pipe stem that you can buy that can be clenched without getting destroyed? I have heard of the forever stems for cobs, can you clench them without destroying them? I am not real crazy about the rubber tips.. :roll:
  3. jservant98

    A Word Of Advice For Newbies

    First of all a warm welcome to all the new people we have gotten recently on the forums! :puffy: I am fairly new myself and have noticed that how you pack your pipe is very important. Even though I have read this on the forums, I got a little careless. So I went back and watched the pipe packing...
  4. jservant98

    Orange Julius Tobacco

    Has anyone tried Orange Julius? I purchased some at my local smoke shop in bulk, I don't know who makes it though. Consequently It does not have much flavor, although it seems to be a good quality tobacco.
  5. jservant98

    Want To Purchase A New Pipe

    Could anyone recommend a good briar for around fifty to sixty dollars? Pipes and Cigars has quite a few in this range, but which ones are good? Thanks. :puffy:
  6. jservant98

    Finally Some Good Flavor!

    I recently tried some new tobaccos, Erinmore flake and HH black house. Finally some tobaccos with noticeable flavor! I would highly recommend these two tobaccos. Blackhouse has quite a unique flavor, very smokey. Erinmore is the best by far I have tried yet...The reviews on this site help...
  7. jservant98

    Dry Tobacco

    I have been buying my tobacco at a local smoke shop, I purchased some McC very cherry and it is really dry and very little flavor at all, it was bulk, also I purchased a pouch of Middleton's cherry blend, very little flavor! Both have virtually no flavor! I have been smoking aromatics, Seven...
  8. jservant98

    Filter vs Non-Filter Pipe

    I was wondering if there is any advantages to getting a non filter pipe. I currently only have two filter pipes. Are non filter pipes better or is there a difference? Any help would be appreciated.. :D