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  1. adam12

    Losing it over this Lumberman

    My God. I mean, really. Look at this pipe. Look at it. Now I know what you're saying, it's "just a Lumberman". Yes, that may be true. But look at it. Pavel Goburnov. Dude from Lithuania. I want everyone to stay far, far away from it. Don't touch it, no touching. And don't even point. It can't...
  2. adam12

    Empire Strikes Back Uncut - subliminal pipe appearance

    Not sure if anyone but true Star Wars freaks have heard about the Uncut series - but Empire Strikes Back Uncut (which came out last year) has a cool pipe reference or two at the moment where Lando plots Leia's escape from Cloud City. The enterprising fan who had to reinterpret that scene has...
  3. adam12

    St Louis Pipe Show 2015

    February 28, 2015. An incredible show, everyone should go. St Charles MO Banquet Center
  4. adam12

    List the Star Wars movies from most to least favorite

    What are your impressions of the 6 Star Wars episodes from most to least favorite?
  5. adam12

    Dakota Meyer's Dec 2 Twitter photo

    ... earns him badass of the week. Or year. A MOH recipient is never to be messed with. Especially in this instance. Dakota Meyer ‏@Dakota_Meyer Dec 2 Wonder if any ISIS members want to drop by and join my book club @ScoutMedia Reading peoples' reactions to the photo is funny: Jarhead...
  6. adam12

    The Tao of Tao

    Holy hell is this thing incredible And here you go big spenders:
  7. adam12

    Terry Schappert

    ... is a much better face for the pipe smoking biz than any goateed hipster from Cupertino or Williamsburg Brooklyn. I say we make a conscious effort to eradicate all vestiges of hipsterness from the pipe smoking world and replace them with Mr. Schappert. That dude is a living legend and an...
  8. adam12

    Underrated musicians

    I am going to post a few posts of underrated musicians. Feel free to join in. This first post is devoted to BOZ SCAGGS. This dude is such a freaking BAD ASS. I could sit and listen to his music for hours. Of course there's this song, which is AMAZING:
  9. adam12


    Totally addicted to it. Totally susceptible to the subliminal images of peacefulness, fishing, chillin. Awesome and extremely effective advertising! If that doesn't make you want to start smokin a pipe, nothing will
  10. adam12

    Caption this

  11. adam12

    Watergate Pipe Club

    Seriously. Did you ever think about how many of those dudes were pipe smokers? Anyone associated with Watergate, it was mandatory. E Howard Hunt: John Mitchell: Charles Colson: Robert MacNeil of the Macneil-Lehrer News Report: Pretty much the entire US Senate: I mean my God was it...
  12. adam12

    Subliminal book covers!!!

  13. adam12

    We're in luck!

    Just saw this on the news this morning.
  14. adam12

    Caption this ad

    There's this company that sells eyeglasses called See Eyewear, and this was one of the photos on their website... a very funny use of subliminal advertising... Caption please!
  15. adam12

    Huge subliminal billboard in Houston

    Seeing this from about a mile away, my eyes got as wide as a kid on Christmas. The closer I got, my jaw dropped to the floor... it is incredible... awe-inspiring... spotted in Houston last month or so
  16. adam12

    Jackson MS Pipe Club event

    This is going to be amazing. It will be at the Country Squire Thursday Aug 14 at 630 pm Food Door prizes Drinks Smoking contest Tobacco Gifts Fun Balloon-twisting dude Clowns Mimes Scantily clad Brazilian women You name it...
  17. adam12

    Jackson, MS Pipe Club has started

    First organizational/what's up meeting was last week. 10 folks give or take with many others interested. There's a Facebook if you're into that. Looks to be a fun ride, say hello if you're in town.
  18. adam12

    Great live music performances

    Here's a thread for you to post your favorite live music performances. I am trying to find stuff that is really live, not lip-synced... Because as Neil Young once said, "LIVE MUSIC ARE BETTER!!" The first is Stevie Wonder kicking out the jams on Sesame Street (along with a very young Ray Parker...
  19. adam12

    Isaac vs. gulf

    Hey cajun residents: hold on tight
  20. adam12

    Pease's Kansas City photo made me sick

    Great article. Disturbing photo. Even more disturbing when the default is the front page each login Still even more disturbing when you actually stop to look at it closely. You have been advised not to.