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  1. dannybeans

    Peterson Tankard Find

    So I was naughty and went ahead and tried a bowl before doing anything but cleaning the stem. What the heck, I figured, it still smells nice - not at all stale. Yeah, I think I have a new favorite. Tempting. I do like a good return on an investment . . . . ;)
  2. dannybeans

    Peterson Tankard Find

    Thanks, all. It doesn't like it's going to take much to get it in great shape again. I've always wanted to try a Peterson, but I've just never had that kind of money to spend on a pipe.
  3. dannybeans

    Peterson Tankard Find

    Browsing at the local antique mall today, I found this for five bucks: Yeah. Pretty stoked.
  4. dannybeans

    Everyday Carry Knife - What Do You Carry?

    Smith and Wesson Extreme Ops folder on my right side, Leatherman on my left. Strictly tools - no need for weapons in this sleepy, friendly little town.
  5. dannybeans

    Carey Magic Inch

    Just for the record, though, they're not filters - there's nothing between you and the tobacco. Best I can figure, it's more like a wick to capture the moisture.
  6. dannybeans

    Carey Magic Inch

    I have one. It's a nice, dry smoke, even with very wet tobaccos. It won't draw for crap without a Papyrate insert, though. You can get them on the E.A. Carey site or Ebay (a scrap of coffee filter and some spit will do in a pinch). Or you can put a little tape around the outer openings and...
  7. dannybeans

    Smoking in a Vehicle

    I smoke in my truck when the mood strikes. It's 30 years old and has over 300 grand on the odometer, and I intend to be the thing's last owner anyway. I'm fortunate that the only passengers I ever have are either smokers themselves, or at least like the smell. And the only person who ever...
  8. dannybeans

    School Full of Nazis....

    The problem with that statement is that it's an example of the Reductio ad Hitlerum fallacy: The Nazis created the Autobahn. Therefore the Autobahn (and by extension the U.S. Interstate system, which it inspired) is evil. Hitler (ironically enough) supported animal rights. Therefore the Humane...
  9. dannybeans

    Carburetor Experiences??

    Too late to edit, so I'll add a bit to my post count. I just want to add that if I come across another, and it's in my price range, I won't hesitate to buy it. Not that I doubt it would be - they tend to run about $10 used.
  10. dannybeans

    Carburetor Experiences??

    I have a Carey Magic Inch (if that counts), and like it a lot. The tobaccos I prefer are on the wet side, and it really helps to cool and dry the smoke - gurgles are quite rare with this pipe. My only complaint is that it uses replaceable paper tubes (which are often misidentified as filters -...
  11. dannybeans

    Guitar Players?

    I've been playing for about 13 years now. My guitar has a satin finish, so beyond the occasional bit of olive oil on the frets, it doesn't get any kind of treatment. It has picked up a lovely luster where I rest my arm, though - I like the bit of personality that adds. I know, I know - no...
  12. dannybeans

    Pipe Stigma?

    May I sig quote that, saintpeter?
  13. dannybeans

    Pipe Stigma?

    effektor: That's exactly what I was going for in the first post. You expressed it much better than I did. Thank you.
  14. dannybeans

    A Quick Question

    I'm sure there are folks out there who would consider all that worth it to smoke something so distinctive. People will put up with a lot to look cool.
  15. dannybeans

    A Quick Question

    Intent notwithstanding, is there any practical reason why one couldn't smoke tobacco in one of those? Yeah, they're ugly as sin and would probably get unpleasantly hot, but they seem to have all the required bits and holes to do the job. Just playing devil's advocate here. I'm not a fan, myself.
  16. dannybeans

    How Old Were You?

    Besides the occasional puff of a cigar offered by my stepdad, I had my first smoke at the age of 18, when I was off at college. Swishers and the like back then. First pipe at 19. Off and on both pipes and cigars in the intervening decade and change. Never smoked a cigarette, I'm (probably...
  17. dannybeans

    Pipe Stigma?

    Oh, for sure - I shouldn't let it bug me. I'm actually in a similar boat, petes - I'm in my early 30s, and don't have the "look" of a pipe smoker (magnificent facial hair seems to be a badge of office - my bog-standard beard just doesn't cut it :) ). *shrug* I just don't like getting hassled...
  18. dannybeans

    Pipe Stigma?

    I've seen other threads about encountering negative reactions to tobacco in general, but I've run into a couple that seem to apply to pipes specifically, and am wondering if anybody else has seen anything similar. The one that bugs me the most is dismissiveness. Since pipes are so popular with...
  19. dannybeans

    What Are You Smoking? August 2013

    Super Value Whiskey Cavendish (yeah, low-dollar stuff, but I just keep coming back to it) in my old Brewster.
  20. dannybeans

    Where Do You Smoke?

    I'm actually a bit self-conscious about being seen with a pipe, so I prefer a bit of privacy when I smoke. I usually do it in my bedroom with a fan blowing it out the window (nonsmoking apartment), or on my little rooftop patio/garden that the landlord tolerates: (Disclaimer: This is...