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  1. ClenchedBilliard

    What is the best Balkan?

    Like most pipe nomenclature, Balkan is simply a word to give the smoker a heads up that the blend will contain latakia and a significant amount of other orientals. There's not really any hard n fast rules on genres per se, but if I see "Balkan" in the name I know generally what to expect. Having...
  2. ClenchedBilliard

    Looking for Oriental Blend Recommendations

    I was really surprised how the orientals in C&D From Beyond shine. The Latakia hangs back and lets the Izmir and Basma stand out.
  3. ClenchedBilliard

    Looking for Oriental Blend Recommendations

    +1 for GL Pease Cairo. If you can bear a moderate amount of Latakia I’d highly recommend Caravan. It’s an oriental masterpiece IMO.
  4. ClenchedBilliard

    2018 GLP Temple Bar

    Thanks for the review! I’m a big fan of Cairo and have had my eye on both Temple Bar and Regents Flake. I’m sure they will make their way into my stash soon 👍🏼
  5. ClenchedBilliard

    Desert Island Tobacco

    Right now I’d say Watch City’s The Churchwarden, C&D From Beyond, and GL Pease Caravan would have to duke it out amongst themselves to see who makes it to the island.
  6. ClenchedBilliard

    Has Forums Gone Budget On Pipes?

    I'm a cheapass when it comes to pipes, I'm more inclined to spend on tobacco. However, I certainly don't mind seeing high end pipes and would never say anything negative about someone else's taste in smoking implements.
  7. ClenchedBilliard

    ***What Are You Smoking, June 2022?***

    For this morning's commute it was GLP Cairo in a Ropp Heritage sitter. The ride home consisted of GLP Caravan in a MM Hardwood.
  8. ClenchedBilliard

    C&D Super Balkan & Over-coming Latakia Fatigue

    Super Balkan isn’t particularly Latakia heavy, it’s a much more oriental forward blend. It is full and flavorful, definitely worth a go.
  9. ClenchedBilliard

    New Small Batch Coming...

    I picked up my 2 tin ration and a couple of tins of GL Pease Caravan to round the order out. Plenty of oriental goodness coming my way.
  10. ClenchedBilliard

    ***What Are You Smoking, May 2022?***

    Today was GL Pease Caravan in a Stanwell Knight freehand on the way to the plant, and Caravan in a customized MM Country Gentleman on the way home. I'm reeeeally liking Caravan these days.
  11. ClenchedBilliard

    New Small Batch Coming...

    After the home run they hit with the aged Izmir/Basma combo in From Beyond I'm definitely in on this one.
  12. ClenchedBilliard

    Are Latakia Blends Better on the Moist Side?

    I find Latakia heavy blends taste muddy or murky when “wet”. The taste is a lot cleaner after some drying time.
  13. ClenchedBilliard

    What Underrated Blends in Production do You Now Cellar?

    I’m not a heavy cellarer (?) by any means, but Mountain Camp is the only one I currently have multiple pounds of. That will likely change though, I’m considering investing in a substantial amount of Super Balkan and when From Beyond comes around again I’m going hot n heavy after it.
  14. ClenchedBilliard

    Show Off Your Meerschaum Pipes Here!

    Until yesterday my meerschaum has always been of the Missouri persuasion. I decided it was finally time to give Turkish a go. So far I’m thoroughly enjoying it, light weight and is a cool, dry smoker. I don’t think it will be my last.
  15. ClenchedBilliard

    Try More Blends or Cellar What I Know?

    It’s funny, I see so many people on here talk about how they started out with a love of English blends and Latakia only to lose their taste for it in favor of Va/pers, burley etc. My story is the exact opposite. I started out with Va/pers many years ago, then got really into burley for a few...
  16. ClenchedBilliard

    Is a Basket Pipe Better than a Cob?

    Considering that nothing smokes better than a cob, I’d skip the basket pipe. 😁
  17. ClenchedBilliard

    5 Pieces of Advice

    1. Try small samples of different tobaccos to see what you like, you may be surprised to find an unexpected favorite. 2. Try different drying times, moisture can make a big difference in flavor. 3. Don’t get too wrapped up in chasing limited release FOMO bait. There’s plenty of amazing blends...
  18. ClenchedBilliard

    I Want to Smoke a Campfire

    Shhhhh, we are living the smoky life under the radar! 🤫😄
  19. ClenchedBilliard

    I Want to Smoke a Campfire

    I second that. I smoke a lot of Mountain Camp and it’s been noted that the inside of my car now smells like an old campfire because of it.