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  1. Akousticplyr

    Member Status Update- Gave Me A Chuckle

    Just noticed the recent change on the forum. I guess I’m a Lifer now. Some of the other member descriptions are pretty funny.
  2. Akousticplyr

    Happy Boxing Day

    To our cousins across the Atlantic. Although in the spirit of non-denominational avoidance of offending that one guy, and inclusiveness to all, can we just call it “Happy Mixed Martial Arts Day” now? ?
  3. Akousticplyr

    Alternatives To Classic Tobacco Blends

    Tobacco Pipes’ take. Some are intriguing!
  4. Akousticplyr

    How To Break In A New Pipe - 1948

    From pipe lovers magazine October 1948. Some things are universal.
  5. Akousticplyr

    Any Nespresso Vertuo Fans? What’s Your Favorite Blend?

    I’ve enjoyed mine, especially the Altissio, Diavolitto discs. (Blue and purple ha). The regular Starbucks blends are alright as well What’s yours?
  6. Akousticplyr

    THANK YOU Jimmy_Jack For Your Generosity!!

    Long story short- I missed the Rougaroux drop, which I mentioned in passing on the discussion thread. Jim reached out and offered to share some from his order. I got this in the mail today. And nearly fell over. Jim- you are why this forum is the best damn place on the internet. I...
  7. Akousticplyr

    Double Agent Kim Philby’s Pipe

    Just back from Washington DC. Visited the Spy Museum and saw this. i’m curious what brand and model it is.
  8. Akousticplyr

    Back From Air Wing Exercise

    My job in the Navy Reserve is Red Air / Adversary training. Just got home from 'fighting' against one of our aircraft carriers as they prepare for deployment. Here's some airplane porn for those who are into that sort of thing. Hope you all had a good start to October.
  9. Akousticplyr

    3D Printer Pipe Accessories

    Just curious if anyone else has a 3D printer. It has become an indispensable little tool for everything around the house as well as hobbies. For pipe smoking, I found the following very useful: -Wide mouth funnel for both small and large ball mason jars -Pipe Stands Anyone else have any...
  10. Akousticplyr

    How Many of Your Shirts Have Burned Cinder Holes in Them? ?

    So I’ve learned that it’s not smart to wear modern athletic sweat wicking shirts while you’re smoking a pipe on a windy day. I’m up to three ‘custom aerated’ oops shirts now. Who’s got the record?
  11. Akousticplyr

    Why Did I Start Smoking A Pipe? - 1946

    Pipe Lover’s magazine letter to the editor. I enjoyed it! Could’ve been written today.
  12. Akousticplyr

    PAD Pickups- Chacom and Vauen

    To go with the recent GH drop and inescapable order.... why not? Life is short.
  13. Akousticplyr

    Washington State Is Not Messing Around- Online Retailer Fined $65,000

    Wow. They are not kidding. Online tobacco retailer to pay over $65,000 as a result of AG Ferguson’s investigation into illegal online tobacco sales | Washington State -
  14. Akousticplyr

    PipeLover Magazine - March 1947

    Apologies if its a duplicate post. Interesting and nostalgic read. I especially enjoyed the debate on page 86 re: pros and cons of how often one should clean their pipe. Some more here if you so desire. Scroll down a bit...
  15. Akousticplyr

    Motorcycle Riders’ Thread - Continued

    I am very much still a fresh face here- but I noticed the last thread for motorcycle riders was back in 2012. As the season is upon many of us (or fast approaching depending on your location) and the virus quarantine may have already started easing restrictions, I thought it would be a welcome...
  16. Akousticplyr

    How Many Pipe Tobacco Blends ARE There?

    The variety of pipe tobaccos astounds me. Especially considering the short list of main ingredients ie tobacco leaves. Tobacco reviews has 7,679 tobaccos listed. ? Do you think that’s an accurate tally of total blends? High due to discontinued production? Low due to never being reviewed...
  17. Akousticplyr

    Look For The Helpers

    So I’m on voluntary isolation at home. Which means I have too much free time. I am definitely not intending to start a political debate. I just felt compelled to share my thoughts on one aspect of what people can do during a crisis. In a nutshell, we are going to be alright. I remain...
  18. Akousticplyr

    COVID-19 Statistics Tracker

    For those who are interested in the statistics of the outbreak, here's a site that compiles data; you can interact with sections for more detailed breakdowns. Stunning. Be safe out there. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS -...