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  1. JohnMosesBrowning

    SAT Question

    Carter Hall is to Burley as _______ is to Virginia. I like some sweetness in my blends, OTC burleys and the like. Edward G. Robinson is an aro, but a lot of tobacco flavor still, Bald Headed Teacher as well. I know Virginias have their own natural sweetness, but what would you recommend as a...
  2. JohnMosesBrowning

    WTB: MB Scottish Blend W/O Warning (3/10/22)

    Does anyone want to sell a tin of Mac Baren Mixture: Scottish Blend without the warning label on it?
  3. JohnMosesBrowning

    TobaccoReviews - Contents Question

    I didn't know where else to post this question, so "Tobacco Discussion" seemed as good a place as any. On do you suppose they list the components in the order of Most ---> Least? I read them that way, like a food label. Whenever you pick up a food item and read the...
  4. JohnMosesBrowning

    Assigned Tobacco

    If you were to assign a Blend to a newbie with which to learn the craft of pipe smoking, what blend would you choose? Knowing this group well enough at this point I’ll add the caveat that you like this person and actually want to help them succeed. Lol. So your sending him/her off with a...
  5. JohnMosesBrowning

    Too Hot & Goes Out

    What’s the leading culprit when tobacco is sufficiently dried yet the bowl both burns too hot and continues to go out?
  6. JohnMosesBrowning

    Differentiating Vulcanite from Acrylic?

    Ok, I know there are 1,001 threads discussing the various attributes of vulcanite and/or/vs acrylic stems - that's what makes it difficult to find the basic information I'm looking for, so please forgive another post asking this question. What is the most advisable way to go through my pipes...
  7. JohnMosesBrowning

    Nicotine Test for Benefits at Work

    I have started in a new position and my benefits have changed. My place of work has Blue Care Network (BCN) and there are two "tiers" of coverage; enhanced and standard. The enhanced offers both lower premiums and co-pays. In order to qualify for "enhanced" I have to submit to a number of...
  8. JohnMosesBrowning

    Match Walnut (Sutliff)

    Lot's of folks like this blend and I do too. The one drawback for me is that I get a slight perfume note to it which I don't ever hear anyone else mention. Ever. Is it the rum topping that's added and I taste it as "perfume" or is it the turkish component and I just don't know what turkish...
  9. JohnMosesBrowning

    Peterson Barlings?

    I don't know much about Barlings but I understand Peterson is now making pipes with that branding. I'm guessing that Barling fans are happy? Anyway, my question really is, does anyone have any experience with these new Barling pipes? I understand that they may not be "true" Barlings, but...
  10. JohnMosesBrowning

    Oh Danny Boy!

  11. JohnMosesBrowning

    Iwan Ries - International

    Is anyone familiar with this blend? It's "International Mixture" on the packaging. IR sells it as an "English" and reviews at refer to it as a crossover blend. My question is this - How is this not an aromatic? It's listed as having no added flavoring and the ratings are...
  12. JohnMosesBrowning

    Dark Fired Kentucky Recommendations

    The first Kentucky blend I had was the Old Dark Fired Ready Rubbed and I liked it. It was just an occasional thing as a change of pace. Recently I have discovered, and have been enjoying, Cowboy Coffee from The Country Squire. I can really taste the Kentucky component in the blend and it has...
  13. JohnMosesBrowning

    What Tobacco Did Orson Welles Smoke?

    I know Jiminks is the one to ask, but I thought I’d throw this out there... Doing a search there are all kinds of mentions of Welles on the forum, but I cannot find any hint as to what tobacco(s) he smoked. Does anyone have any info?
  14. JohnMosesBrowning

    Another Weird Peterson Drilling

    I suppose I'm only truly reaching out to Peterson fans because I know many don't like Petersons for this and maybe other reasons. I just received a brand new Peterson Aran 999 and the drilling seems even more off. I haven't smoked it as I don't know if it needs to be returned. My question is...
  15. JohnMosesBrowning

    Epiphany/Match Revelation

    It’s my understanding that both of these blends are supposed to recreate the original Epiphany blend. I never had the original, but I’ve tried both of these. The C&D Epiphany does not seem to have an additional “topping” that adds a sweet flavor whereas the Sutliff Match Revelation does. 1)...
  16. JohnMosesBrowning

    Looking For Nostalgic Room Note

    Last night on the deck I loaded up a bowl of 1-Q knowing my neighbors were outside nearby. When my S.O. came outside to join me I asked her if it smelled like the pipes she remembers her relatives, etc. smoking when she grew up. She said, "no, it smells too sweet, like vanilla or cherry or...
  17. JohnMosesBrowning

    Meriwether From Country Squire

    Just curious if anyone has tried, knows about, or enjoys this one. There are only 2 reviews on the tobaccoreviews site and they are diametrically opposed. I quite enjoy it, but it seems to have a light topping to me (that I like). But in the description there is no additional flavoring...
  18. JohnMosesBrowning

    How to Pack "Kibble" Blends?

    Ok ok, I am being a bit obtuse with my descriptor, but I have a few blends such at Match Ready Rubbed, Sweet Cask, and Match Sugar Barrel that are mostly made up of hard nuggets that remind me of some sort of kibble. Do people just stuff these into their bowls as is? Rub them out? Something...
  19. JohnMosesBrowning

    Is This Peterson Misdrilled?

    This is my first Peterson, it's a 999 and I can't pass a pipe cleaner through it. I know some bents cannot, yet this is only very slightly bent. Upon closer inspection the problem seems to be that the draft hole is drilled near the very top of the mortise. When I put a pipe cleaner in, it...
  20. JohnMosesBrowning

    MM965 Scottish?

    I know the notion of a Scottish Blend has been hashed out on multiple occasions on here, so I'm not going down that route necessarily. Regardless, my question is this, lists MM965 as an English Blend, yet any blend I know of that is specifically attempting to replicate it is...