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  1. gwynclan

    My New (Used) Hutch Hope this link works. Couldn't figure out how just to post straight from my phone.
  2. gwynclan

    B&M over Internet

    How many forum members would drive 30 min out of their way to got to a good B&M. Instead of a couple clicks of the mouse.
  3. gwynclan

    Need help finding Peterson Holiday blend

    I was looking at purchasing this holiday blend from pipesand cigars, and they just sold out ($16.85). Now Smokingpipes has raised prices on same blend. I have checked out most of the online retailers that I have used in past. Please help Jeff
  4. gwynclan

    Cameroon Cigar leaf pipe tobacco?

    Has anyone had a Cameroon based pipe tobacco. Got a hankering for something along those lines. Love cigars, but the prep of my pipes is much more more relaxing. Cheers Jeff
  5. gwynclan

    Mick Mcquaid pipe tobacco

    Just found a pouch of Mick Mcquaid"smooth smoking tobacco". Been sitting in a jar for aleast a year. I have to say its exactly what it says a no frills smoking pipe blend. Cool burning, great nic hit tobacco. My nehibor brought back from Ireland. She said locals call it a newsstand tobacco...
  6. gwynclan


    In Cincinnati Ohio it is starting the Oktoberfest season. Any other areas celebrate this festive season. Beer in liters and open air, pipe and cigars welcome.
  7. gwynclan

    Cob left out in the rain, need help

    I left my favorite cob out in the rain by accident, it is in major disrepair. The place were the shank meets the pipe body is cracked bad , but not loose yet. What can i use to repair. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Jeff
  8. gwynclan

    Got the Fuzz called on me.

    So let me set up the setting, I was sitting on MY DECK smoking an enjoyable bowl of Grousemoor minding my own business.When a police cruiser pulls up on the street behind my house (in front of me). Officer gets out starts walking toward me all the while using a bright a#$ flashlight to blind me...
  9. gwynclan

    Bowls Per OZ

    I know this depends on alot of variables, but what kind of mileage are you guys getting out of your baccy. Let's say medium to large bowls.
  10. gwynclan

    Dunhill 965 Where's The Beef

    Just tried this blend last night. Made the mistake of putting it in the biggest bowl I have. At first light it is very nice and smooth, but never became interesting to me. Dunhill makes quality tobaccos so everything was there from minimal relights to no toungebite to nice cool smoke production...
  11. gwynclan

    Should I be upset with my local B&M

    So having a holiday weekend I stopped for some tobacco for my brother and myself. I asked the shop owner about the different english tobaccos he carries, and asked about any blends that he sold that had periqe in it. He goes on to state and I quote" you are not that much of a connoisseur to...
  12. gwynclan

    Easter Bunny Got Here Early

    Here are my latest pipe and tobacco acquisition. "Gifts" from separate members here. The tobacco is part of a sampler trade. But the pipes were a true gift from an outstanding member.
  13. gwynclan

    New China Filtered Pipe

    Just found this on ebay, prefiltered pipe
  14. gwynclan

    Pipe Combo Pouches

    Does anyone own a La Rocca leather combo pouch. I own one that my wife gave me for a present, its only 2 years old and used maybe 50 times and now the vinyl piping that holds the leather together is dry rotted. (3 pipe combo) Has anyone else had this problem. They are not cheap!!
  15. gwynclan

    Froggy Sampler?

    Is 100$ for a sampler of 2 oz of each of the 4 tobaccos worth it. I am looking for the best bang for my buck. I know that taste is all up to the individual, but I hate spending extra money if there are other tobaccos in the same taste category. Thanks I usually buy bulk Tobaccos
  16. gwynclan

    My Pipes

    Hope the photo bucket thing works. All but 3 of the pipes were purchased with in the last week. Edit: Found the img code using the link. Hope that helps. L
  17. gwynclan

    Penzance Is There a alternative.

    Since this is an illusive blend, are there any good/ close alternatives.
  18. gwynclan

    Cincinnati/ Tristate Pipe Club

    I would like to start a impromptu pipe club in cincy area. Maybe meet at Carousel Inn in reading. Just trying to get some pipe comradery, please respond via this post or pm me for a more private chat Cheers Jeff.
  19. gwynclan

    My First Cob Experince

    After the filter, non filter debate I decided to go ahead without one. What a great smoke, nice and cool full flavor. I can't belive that such an inexpensive pipe can provide that kind of smoking pleasure. I know they aren't for everyone but I am a reformed briar guy. I did notice that the taste...
  20. gwynclan

    Cob Help " It Doesn't Fit"

    I need some advice. :? I ordered 3 Washington bent MM, from pipesandcigars. Recived today but the amber filter less bits are way to small. Am I doing something wrong or missing something. Kinda perturbed. Can I smoke the pipes without the filter in the original bits, or is the hole to big...