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  1. mrenglish

    New Old Stock Il Ceppo

    Congrats! That is a sweet pipe. Out of curiosity, how much does it weigh?
  2. mrenglish

    HH Rustica

    My order was shipped USPS. I followed the tracking stops and its been USPS all the way. I wonder why the difference?
  3. mrenglish

    HH Rustica

    Since this is already available in Germany then I think it will become a regular release. When you look at Acadian Perique and ODF (among others), they were released with limited edition tins that were signed by Per at the Chicago show. Then a few months later they followed up with regular...
  4. mrenglish

    Hello and Love from Iran.

    Hey brother, welcome! Initially learning to smoke the pipe can raise lots of questions, so feel free to ask.
  5. mrenglish

    HH Rustica

    10 tin limit per day at SPC and only 7100 tins made. I wonder how long it will last?
  6. mrenglish

    Am I Allergic to Virginias?

    It took me a couple tries to get Virginia's. Stick with smoking what is working for you and lay off the VA's for awhile, then revisit. I had a lot of the same issues as you and still cannot tolerate fresh red Virginia's.
  7. mrenglish

    Favorite Esoterica Blends - Besides Penzance

    Stonehaven. Been smoking it for 25 years or so. Not so much lately as I am running low. Pembroke was the first tobacco I bought 8 ounces of without trying it first, along with my first hand made pipe at the first NASPC show. Then tried Stonehaven and that was that.
  8. mrenglish

    Craziest Trade

    My weirdest trade was what got me into pipes. Had a coworker whose wife gifted him a pipe, tobacco and accessories for fathers day. However, every time he would attempt to smoke it, she would give him tons of crap about cancer running in his family, etc.. Yeah, she was a real winner. Anyway, I...
  9. mrenglish

    Is There A Baseline?

    When you do run across a blend you do not like, put it into a mason jar and let it sit. Revisit it after a few months and you might be surprised. This obviously wont work if you detest a blend from the start, but, IMO, having a blend exposed to air for a few months tends to open up the flavors...
  10. mrenglish

    ***What Are You Smoking, April 2020?***

    I was digging through a big container of tobacco stashed away and found a pound of Bright CR Flake, Solani 633 and Birdseye blend, all from 2005. So, have been smoking those along with some St James Flake I currently have going in my Briar Works C53 bulldog.
  11. mrenglish

    Estimated Age Of Tilbury Tin?

    Mike is right. I was smoking a lot of Penzance back then and that 750 puts it in the later part of the 1990's.
  12. mrenglish

    To Cellar or Not to Cellar

    Buy what you can when when you have the funds and experiment.
  13. mrenglish

    HH Old Dark Fired

    Personally, I love the way it has aged even though it has mellowed a bit. To me, the strength has not gone down all that much, though I did not find it full bodied when fresh.
  14. mrenglish

    GH Dark Plug at 2 Years

    Wait until you get to the 10 year mark. My DP has loads of sugar crystals.
  15. mrenglish

    Where Do I Return This To?

    SPC has a warranty for their pipes that is a year long, so if its a defect you should be good. I picked up an ebony spigot 120 and the finish bubbled in two small spots. Not noticeable enough to send back but even their mid range pipes can have issues. I've had my share of issues over the...
  16. mrenglish

    Another Reason to Deeply Cellar

    I tried the Standard Medium, having been a huge fan of Murray's. This one tasted like they left the Latakia out of the blend; So glad I do not smoke English blends any longer. I have one tin left of Murray's production from the 1980's.
  17. mrenglish

    Thanksgiving! What Are You Eating? 2019

    Deep dish pizza here. It is just the wife and I so we plan on smoking cigars and chilling out today.
  18. mrenglish

    PSA - Sometimes Your Favorite Blend Stops Being Your Favorite

    I went through this with St. James Flake. It was my main smoke, so much so that I bought fifteen pounds in 2012. Anyway, around 2013 it was not doing it for me any longer so I sold some off and stashed the rest. Broke open a jar recently and now its back into my regular rotation. This was a...
  19. mrenglish

    Longest Period Without Buying Tobacco?

    I managed to snag 500g of Marlin Flake from 2013 about six months ago. Like others, my TAD purchased have gone way down. I've got about 300 tins and maybe 20-30 pounds of bulk.
  20. mrenglish

    Peterson Shorts Line

    I have a smooth 150 on the way as well. Glad to see we are finally getting normal sized bowls in a compact size. In Europe, some dealers sell the Hunter and Golfer lines which are similar in size but with military mounts, Hopefully, the Shorts line will smoke just as good.