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  1. virginialover

    Mixing Cigar Leaf With Golden Virginia And Some Perique

    The son of a friend of mine, who's a cigar smoker, wants to offer him a pipe for his 50th birthday. I'll be the one taking care of the tobacco mixture and I want to make Golden Virginia with some Perique and mix either Cuban cigar leaf or Italian Dark Kentucky. What percentage of cigar leaf...
  2. virginialover

    Aromatic Pipe Tobacco Suggestions For Christmas And The Winter Season Please

    I don't smoke Aromatics but I just got this idea today out of the blue that I'll do just that this Winter and especially for Christmas. So fellow pipers what Aromatics do you favor in the Jolly Season?
  3. virginialover

    Who Has Smoked Pure Louisiana Perique?

    I tried it in a small pipe, the strength creeps on you but I was expecting hell and... nothing. The flavors are earthy/musty, more peppery than of dried plums and the nicotine buzz is manageable. Of course I wouldn't smoke more than 15 minutes of it. I will start experimenting with Orlik Golden...
  4. virginialover

    Pipe Tobacco Recommendation For A 1St Time Smoker

    I would personally go for a non aromatic, something light in the nicotine level but with enough tobacco taste to keep it interesting. Also it needs to have good burning qualities, we all know how difficult it is for a beginner to keep the pipe lit. Amphora Original Blend and J.F.Germain Uncle...
  5. virginialover

    Help With Virginia Flakes

    I'm looking for a Virginia flake that is made of flue cured Bright leaf, taste profile: figs, freshly oven baked bread, hay and barely if not sweet. Any ideas?
  6. virginialover

    A replacement for Dobie's Four Square Mild Navy Cut

    Hi, I am trying to find a replacement for Dobie's Four Square Mild Navy Cut. It was my first tobacco on the more natural side. Thank you