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  1. americaman

    McClelland Perique vs Other Perique

    Is there any discernible difference between McClelland Perique and other Perique on the market? Is it worth seeking out McClelland Perique? Perhaps there was a special process, but I have no idea.
  2. americaman

    WTT: McClelland 2015 for Tinder Box 1928 Aromatic (5/8/22)

    As the title says, I have McClelland 2015 and I’m looking for the aromatic Tinder Box 1928. One of the first tobaccos I ever tried and it’s just a nostalgic smoke for me. I have other stuff too if 2015 isn’t your thing.
  3. americaman

    Question About Salty Dogs/Mick McQuaid Package

    I have packages of Salty Dogs and Mick McQuaid laying around, and also Captain Black Grape (my all time favorite). Are these pouches good to go for long term storage, or should I transfer them to jars? They seem to be paper, wrapped with plastic. The tobacco in the Mick McQuaid packs feels good...
  4. americaman

    FS: Barling’s Ye Olde Wood Special Large Billiard (3/13/22)

    For sale is a Barling’s Make Ye Olde Wood Special 6589, which was a higher grade. This pipe was made during the transition from the family era when the family was still running operations, as you can tell from the markings. Smoked just a few times with Virginia blends. Some minor rim darkening...
  5. americaman

    Share Your Best Pipe Memories

    One of my favorite things about reading Tobacco Reviews is that you will find stories of smoking experiences that often transport you to that moment, as you can relate to them and picture yourself in that moment, smoking a pipe. Since it’s Christmas time I figured it’s a good time to gather...
  6. americaman

    Smoke Shop At Irvine Spectrum In California

    Does anyone remember the smoke shop at the Irvine Spectrum in Orange County, California? I believe it closed around 2008. I am having some major nostalgia over it today. I was too young when it was open to remember everything that was sold there. Did it sell pipe tobacco? What was the name of...
  7. americaman

    Anyone Have Thoughts on Christian Ruetz Pipes

    Has anyone had any experience with Austrian pipe maker Christian Ruetz? I am not looking to buy one right now, but I saw his pipes and started wondering if they smoke well, since I have never heard of them. Cheers
  8. americaman

    How Do You Clean Pipes with Small Bores?

    I now have several pipes, mostly older pipes, that have little bores that do not allow a pipe cleaner to pass through. Either the normal size BJ Long or the tapered BJ Long size cleaners. I can jam them in there and make it maybe an inch or so. Additionally, tapered (wider) pipe cleaners wick...
  9. americaman

    West Coast Pipe Show 2021 Discussion

    November 6th & 7th, Las Vegas, NV Marty has said that the show will go on as long as Vegas is fully open by the time of the show. So let’s start a discussion. I am looking forward to the show as much as anyone else, and I think we all need a pipe show.
  10. americaman

    How Long Does It Take You to Smoke Through a Tin?

    I saw some talk about hoarding, etc., and I largely ignored it, and then seeing people saying they buy loads of tins and then go back to purchase more (which I have no problem with), but it got me thinking: How long does it take you to smoke through a tin? One week? Two weeks? Do you dip in...
  11. americaman

    What Is a Pipe You Regret Not Purchasing?

    What is a pipe you really thought about buying, maybe for a minute or a few days, and then when it was sold you kicked yourself for not buying it? I’m talking about those pipes that spoke to you, where you should have just bit the bullet and threw money at your screen. Post your reason for not...
  12. americaman

    Bought an Old Tin of Balkan Sobranie w/ some Tobacco

    I picked up this old tin of Balkan Sobranie. It still has some tobacco at the bottom, which I’m wondering if I can rehydrate. Whether the tobacco is Balkan Sobranie I’m not sure of. Either way, it’s a cool tin to have next to my pipe racks.
  13. americaman

    PSA: Jar Your Samuel Gawith Boxes

    I bought some bulk boxes of Kendal Plug, FVF, and St. James Flake last summer, and decided to jar them up yesterday. I was thinking of letting them sit and age in the bag inside the box, just like Esoterica, but got a feeling that the bag inside wouldn’t be storage quality. I believe I was...
  14. americaman

    Given A Tin of 1996 Christmas Cheer...Rust Inside

    My friend gave me a tin of 1996 Christmas Cheer that was opened but he never smoked. About half left. I noticed that the walls on the inside looked weird. Then I saw a rust spot. No rust on the outside of the tin. Since this is my first time encountering rust my question is: Is tobacco in a...
  15. americaman

    How Do You Clean Your Pipes After A Smoke?

    Ok, this had been something I have modified a couple of times since I started, and now blends are just not tasting the same anymore. I want to know how others do it. When I started, it was a pipe cleaner through the stem and then a light brush with a folded pipe cleaner in the bowl after each...
  16. americaman

    2018 Carolina Red Flake vs. 2019 Carolina Red Flake

    I recently acquired tins of 2018 Carolina Red Flake (tinned in 2018, using their 2015 crop) and it seems to taste different than their 2019 Red Flake (which also used the 2015 crop). Maybe my memory is hazy, but I remember the 2019 tasting different. After smoking through this 2018 tin I’ll...
  17. americaman

    What’s The Deal With Warning Labels?

    So when I first started pipe smoking tins didn’t have warning labels. Then around Summer 2018 I started seeing warning labels, but certain brands never did them (such as Esoterica). Then in 2019 I noticed brands that were using warning labels for a time were now going back to their original...
  18. americaman


    And so it begins.
  19. americaman

    Choosing A Pipe To Ghost

    Ok, this question could go here or in the tobacco section, but I’ll put it here as it seems more suited for this question. I am looking to get more into Gawith stuff. From what I hear, 1792 will supposedly ghost a pipe. Ennerdale will ghost a pipe. What about Coniston? Any other blends by them...
  20. americaman

    Using Obsidian Oil

    I have a few (maybe more than a few) pipes that have vulcanite stems. Since I don't clench I don't care. However, what I do care about is oxidation. I bought some obsidian oil to prevent this. How do you guys use it? Apply a fresh coating before and after every smoke using a polishing cloth...