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  1. cohibajoe

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    16oz WatchCity Simply Orange, 6 Tins Sutliff Birds of a Feather Uno. I had 2 bowls of Simply Orange and its need's time.
  2. cohibajoe

    Savinelli - Annoying Experience

    1st thing I do to any pipe.... Bees Wax the tenon for easy access.
  3. cohibajoe

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    "3" 4.5oz Whale Song - TCS, "3" D&S Loch Ness, Old German Clay - SP, CAO Pilon Anejo Robusto - FS , 2 Box's Sobremesa Brulee Blue - Cigar Page.
  4. cohibajoe

    Just Released Today @ The Country Squire - Whale Song

    Just got my 3 boxes. The Site and Receipt show's 4.5oz per box.
  5. cohibajoe

    Drucquer & Sons, Loch Ness, April 8th Release Date

    Let's see so I ordered 2 Tins.
  6. cohibajoe

    Rattray's Exotic Passion Pipe Tobacco

    Speaking of "Old Lady" items that my Grandma had in her purse.
  7. cohibajoe

    Watch City Rouxgaroux Hard Find?

    That was fast!!!! And they made extra.
  8. cohibajoe

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    8 Tins C&D Eight State Burley 10oz Watch City Rhythm & Blues 2oz Elf Dandruff Christmas Blend 2021
  9. cohibajoe

    Balkans... Rubber tire?

    "Rubber Tires"....add this one to the list.
  10. cohibajoe

    FOMO - Frog, Esoterica &?

    It is tempting....As for me...NEVER!!!!!
  11. cohibajoe

    I Think I Ghosted My Mouth

    Speaking of Ghosting your tongue:
  12. cohibajoe

    One Tobacco To Rule Them All

    Here is SP...MSRP: $41.10, Reg: $28.77, 15% Off = $24.45 P&C 20% Off Reg: $28.77 = $23.02
  13. cohibajoe

    One Tobacco To Rule Them All

    It's your Lucky Day...Just in from P&C.
  14. cohibajoe

    Cigars Apparently Not Included in PC IPSD Sale

    May I ask what cigar(s) you are looking for?
  15. cohibajoe

    I.P.S.D. Sales - How dysfunctional Were You?

    Nothing this year with IPSD 2022. I been buying Audio and Guitar gear plus I am working on DIY Audio kits.
  16. cohibajoe

    GH Drop - What'd You Order?

    I thought I was on P&C....