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  1. Ettrick puffer

    A Wonderful Gift

    I have been given a gift from a work colleague and friend. The items in the photo belonged to her late father, the Rev William Ramsay DFC who served with RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War. He took part in the three RAF thousand bomber raids, flew 30 bombing mission followed by a...
  2. Ettrick puffer

    Yanik baby dragon

    Hi All I just pulled the trigger on this Yanik baby dragon, I had placed it in my watch category on EBay and I received an offer to buy I couldn’t refuse. Thoughts and comments please as I know very little about meerschaum pipes. Thanks Happy smokes Ettrick puffer
  3. Ettrick puffer

    Birthday Present

    A very thoughtful 50th birthday present from a brother from another mother. Once a Borderer Always a Borderer XXV Happy smokes. Ettrick puffer
  4. Ettrick puffer

    New Blakemar Arrived

    An early 50th birthday present, a Blakemar Briars De-Luxe Lovat. Looking forward to a bowl later on this evening. Happy puffing Ettrick puffer
  5. Ettrick puffer

    New Pipes Arrived!

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) A James Upshall Tilshead and a Laughing Moon arrived this morning. Looking forward to enjoying these. Happy puffing Ettrick puffer
  6. Ettrick puffer

    Hello from the Scottish Borders

    Hi ! I’m a new pipe smoker from the Scottish Borders. I had contemplated pipe smoking in the past and the recent passing of my father has prompted me to start. Looking forward to looking and learning from you all. See you through the smoke ? Ettrick puffer