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  1. ravkesef

    Can’t post photos

    OK Guys, I need some help here. I’m unable to post any photos from my photo library. It isn’t that I’m a neophyte at this—I’ve been posting photos for years, but just yesterday, when I went to post a photo of a pipe and clicked on the link, nothing happened. (I’m working on an iPad .). The...
  2. ravkesef

    Double Anniversary

    It’s a double anniversary for me today: I’ve been happily married for 41 years, and I’ve been a pipe smoker for 60. We’ve got an extra reason to celebrate: our oldest son came home after a year in Iraq, so he’s joining us for an anniversary dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I’m...
  3. ravkesef

    Jiminks Podcast

    FYI, our own tobacco expert, JimInks, has other areas of expertise. He’s also an expert on old time radio and comic books. If you ever read Archie, he’s the cartoonist. Ditto for Sonic the Hedgehog, and a few other things. Anyway, the interview will be this Saturday at 10:30 pm, where he’ll...
  4. ravkesef

    Thunderstorm in Connecticut — going to the dogs

    In the middle of a superhot, supermuggy day, the sky just turned black. Sounds of rolling thunder in the distance. My Jack Russell became very apprehensive, so I took out the new ThunderShirt I just bought for him. Put it on him, and he became visibly relaxed and calm. Then there was this...
  5. ravkesef

    Nut Brown Burley

    There are many tobaccos out there, including quite a few excellent ones, but only a small number are truly sublime. IMHO, Nut Brown Burley by Pipeworks and Wilke is one of these. Ordering it, as some of us know, is an on again, off again sort of thing, with Carole reserving it for some of her...
  6. ravkesef

    What Wood Are You Working Tonight?

    Had lunch today with a friend who does some woodworking, and I'd love to see him get started on pipes. Anyway, the other day he ran into an issue that he thought he could use some help with, as it involved a particular wood that he'd never worked with before, so thought he would ask for some...
  7. ravkesef

    My 2000th Post!

    So here I am, 2000 posts along the way. Right now I'm smoking Edgeworth Match, a modern-day rendition of the very first tobacco I ever smoked, the original Edgeworth Ready Rubbed, in a corncob pipe no less, the very rare purple cob from Old Dominion Cobs--truly a treat all the way around. And...
  8. ravkesef

    HU Tobacco Score

    A beautiful sight--this order of HU tobaccos arrived on the doorstep this afternoon, an order jointly placed by Jim Amash (Jiminks) and myself. Included in the order are the following tobaccos: Director's Cut, Sunset Haymaker Bahia Orange Nashville County Mystery Blend HU makes some of...
  9. ravkesef

    Iwan Ries Disappointing Service

    On September 11, I placed an order over $125 with Iwan Ries to take advantage of their September sale. When nothing arrived, I phoned the company to find that they had no record of the sale. When I placed the order, the confirmation page came up, but I didn't copy the confirmation number. I...
  10. ravkesef

    55 Years of Smoking a Pipe

    Hi gang, yup--today's the day on which I first picked up a pipe 55 years ago and began my hobby. Herewith the details: I was headed off to college, and back in 1959, college students were noted for pipe smoking. It was the epitome of cool and cigarette smoking seemed so declassé. Before...
  11. ravkesef

    Wedding Anniversary

    Today is our 36th wedding anniversary. The years have seen many wonderful things, and a few painful ones. We've raised three sons, now grown, and are enjoying being empty nesters, something that happens when you enjoy one another's company. No grandchildren yet, but it's something to look...
  12. ravkesef

    My New Dr. Bob Rhodesian

    I've been an admirer of Dr. Bob's pipes for years. He has a rustication technique that IMHO is unmatched. Anyway, I've been craving one of his pipes for some time, but either the shape wasn't quite right, or the pipe wasn't rusticated, or whatever. Anyway, I saw this one and fell in love with...
  13. ravkesef

    Biggest Nic Hit Ever

    I was cleaning the counter the other day, and unbeknownst to me, I knocked over a small vial of the liquid my son uses for his e-cigs. Didn't notice it. After a while,I noticed an oily liquid on my hand. I paid no attention to it, and when I finished my cleaning, I washed my hands, and then...
  14. ravkesef

    Today's my Birthday!

    OK, so I'm not as old as 4-Dot--I'm a mere 72, but viewed from this perspective, life is wonderful! And today is the first day of Passover, so we will have a crowd gathering at our house this evening for the Second Seder – really looking forward to it. Can't take much time to chat now, because...
  15. ravkesef

    My 1000th Post!

    Good heavens, I have posted 1000 times putting myself in view of a group of people, most of whom I have never met in person. What an experience this has been! We share a hobby in--a love of pipe smoking, and yet we are such a diverse group of people. Some of us smoke only one type of pipe, some...
  16. ravkesef

    A New Way To Send Money

    Many of us are shifting money via PayPal; it's quick, it's safe, it's reliable. The only downside is that the seller pays a fee, just under 3%. If you're selling a $500 pipe, we're now up to close to $15. Here's another way that's just as quick, safe and reliable, but there is no fee...
  17. ravkesef

    Dr. Grabow: The Real Story

    For those who may be interested in the true history of Dr. Grabow pipes: I had posted this on another thread, but realized that the subject matter deserves a thread all its own, because it is a topic that many of us may be interested in. I have a friend with a family connection to Dr. Grabow...
  18. ravkesef

    Civil War Pipe

    Çeci n'est pas une pipe. It is, however, a photograph of a pipe. The pipe itself came from an archaeological dig at Appomattox in 1968. I have no idea whether it belonged to a Union or Confederate soldier, but it occupies an honored place in my collection. Comments invited, especially from...
  19. ravkesef

    My Goody Bag Came!

    Yesterday, when P&C announced their $75 IPSD special, I quickly placed my order, seen at the bottom of the photo. The three tobaccos you see at the bottom, the Julius Max travel pouch, the Stanwell Nanna Ivarsson Sandblast, the Ream N Klean pipe cleaners, and the pipe tool. Then in the Goody...
  20. ravkesef

    Beef Stew

    Nothing like a warm, friendly pot of beef stew to warm up a winter's day. This one is made in a pressure cooker, so it's ready in a jiffy, and has a secret ingredient: anchovies. The finished product has no fishy taste whatsoever, but the anchovy really helps build up the umami in the finished...