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  1. --dante--

    How to Press your Own Cake?

    I'm sure this has been done to death, and I _have_ looked into it, but what are your recommendations? I've seen a noodle press used. I'm interested to hear anyones, advice/experiences doing this. I have a number of jarred tobaccos I'd love to try making into cakes.
  2. --dante--

    Got lucky twice ordering a Nording from the Country Squire

    I had ordered a Nording Harmony from Country Squire and a couple ounces of Cowboy Coffee just to try it. The next day, I had a bit of buyer's remorse, thinking in hindsight I should have gotten a different Nording but was taken in by the Japanese painting theme on the Harmony. Then I got lucky...
  3. --dante--

    When did Wessex take over Curly Block?

    The reason I ask is I have a jar in my basement with one of those big sausage 'blocks' cut in half, and labeled "curley block 2020" I believe it was Heinrich's but I don't remember for sure. I'm wondering if the date identifies it as Heinrich's or did Wessex take them over before 2021? Just...
  4. --dante--

    Experience Selling Pipes to

    Title edited. No all caps! -jpm I have a number of good quality briars languishing in my basement for years (from my old PAD days) as I primarily smoke cobs these days except for a few select briars. I always receive a little flyer in the box when I get tobacco orders delivered from...
  5. --dante--

    C&D Burley Flake 1-5

    I've been enjoying C&D Burley Flake #1. I never tried any of the others (Burley Flake #2,3,4,5). I looked them up on Tobacco Reviews and noticed that #3 lists the same ingredients as #1 -- burley, kentucky, perique, virginia. #2 and #5 also list the same ingredients -- burley, kentucky...
  6. --dante--

    Gawith Hoggarth Shag Tobaccos -- Impressions?

    I've long enjoyed Dark Birdseye, and have recently decided to try some of the other GH & Co shags. I really like the Kendal Dark, when I'm in the mood for it, and recently ordered a couple ounces sample of Kendal Kentucky. At this point, I'll probably want to try all five that I know of...
  7. --dante--

    Results Of My Prince Albert Blending Attempts

    I had been trying to add some burley "oomph" to Prince Albert, since it only comes in a big tub now, and I don't generally like mild tobaccos, except on occasion. Preliminary Results: Kelly's Coin: Worked very well in first round at 50/50. After some experimentation, about 1/3 Kelly's to...
  8. --dante--

    Impressions of SG Lakeland Dark?

    I lucked into actually being able to purchase some Samuel Gawith this (US) side of the pond. I ordered a few tins of Lakeland Dark, hoping it might be another strong, simple burley/va flake like Peterson's Irish Flake. Any impressions from you folks here who have tried it?
  9. --dante--

    Does Anyone Know How Long Lane Limited Ready Rubbed Has Been Around?

    I know it's a reincarnation of Edgeworth Ready Rubbed, but I have no idea when ERR went off the market, and LLRR came into being. The reason I ask is I found a pouch at a tobacco store near Virginia Beach. It has a sticker on it but I don't know if it's a date: "10 08 8". There are no...
  10. --dante--

    What Is An "American" Blend, Exactly?

    The reason I ask, is recently I've been posting how I've begun to like latakia again, but only in burley-based blends (Bow Legged Bear and Billy Budd for example). On tobaccoreviews, I often see blends referred to as 'American', and they seem to be along the lines of codger burley blends with...
  11. --dante--

    Gawith Hoggarth Black Pigtail Aniseed

    Anyone ever had it? I just ordered some from (to me) overseas. It's actually categorized as a snuff/chew. Strong, black, skinny rope. I figured it was not too different from smoking Cotton Boll, which is also a rope categorized as a chew. Not sure about the aniseed part, but thought I'd...
  12. --dante--

    Impressions on Kelly's Coin?

    I just placed an order for several tins of Kelly's Coin. It seemed to fit my primary rotation bill, namely a simple, strong burley. While I wait, I welcome anyone's impressions on it, positive or negative. Happy smokes all!
  13. --dante--

    Cellaring Salty Dogs

    Has anyone cellared Dan Tobacco Salty Dogs? The plug is wrapped in plastic, which is placed in a sealed pouch. I have entire pouches in a large mason jar, but would like to remove them from the pouches (and even the plastic maybe), and store in a jar that way. Would it be best to just...
  14. --dante--

    Looking for Burley-Forward Blends with Very Little Latakia.

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) When I returned to pipe smoking and tried some of my cellared tins from the early 'oughts, I found that I no longer care for English or Balkan blends, primarily because I lost my taste for latakia. I recall even back then I had stopped buying...
  15. --dante--

    Plug Preparation

    Several tobaccos I like are plugs and cakes. Cakes are no problem, but with plugs I always had the same problems as I do with some flakes -- basically I end up with rubbed out asbestos, or cubes that require endless relights if I don't pay attention for two minutes. I finally tried something...
  16. --dante--

    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Greetings all I smoked pipes from about 2005-14, then fell off it for a number of years. I've recently (March) rediscovered the joy, when I found myself slipping back into the cigs after beginning to work from home during the quarantine. As a result, I found myself blessed with a modest...