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  1. krizzose

    Why No Virginia Cube Cut Blends?

    I often cube cut straight Virginia flakes and plugs, and they smoke great that way. To my knowledge, there are no commercial cube cut blends that are straight Virginia, as compared to several all burley or burley forward cube cut blends. Does anyone know why that is? (I’m a fan of Stokkebye...
  2. krizzose

    A Beautiful Sight

    We all know the forum rules about politics, but I think that everyone can appreciate the downward near-verticality of this curve:
  3. krizzose

    Low Country Edisto

    Has anyone tried it yet? If so, what are your first impressions?
  4. krizzose

    Michigan Residents Take Notice

    As most you know, for many years now Michigan residents have been obligated to file an excise tax return and pay the tobacco excise tax on online purchases of tobacco where that tax was not collected by the retailer. As far as I knew until now, none of them collected it. This was just posted...
  5. krizzose

    Ken Byron Ventures Byronic Hiro First Impressions

    Stoved red Virginia plug. I’ve only had two bowls, so more than a grain of salt may be needed. Much like Sutliff 515-RC-1 or Red Virginia Crumble Cake, this smells like it was dipped in white vinegar. However, that comes through in the smoke considerably less than I remember with 515-RC-1...
  6. krizzose

    Cherry Bourbon

    6 weeks ago I pitted 2 pounds of black cherries and put them in a large spigot jar with 3 fifths (for you metrics freaks that’s about 2.25 liters) of Buffalo Trace. I sealed the lid with some plastic wrap, covered the whole thing with a towel to keep the light out and put it in my basement...
  7. krizzose

    Cornell & Diehl Carolina Red Flake

    I bought a few tins of the 2019 CRF release (and the 2020, and some of the CRF with Perique), and immediately opened a tin when they were delivered. I smoked a few bowls and thought it was decent, but I couldn't get past a pervasive harshness in the smoke that overpowered everything. I put the...
  8. krizzose

    Marlin Flake...

    ... is really good. Change my mind
  9. krizzose

    Tree Planting Was Harder Than I Thought

    This past weekend a friend and I planted (with a dibble bar) 250 pine seedlings (a mix of white, red, and jack) on a small (50 acres) parcel my family owns in Michigan. We did while taking a “break” from other outdoor pursuits (gobble, gobble). It was the first time I’ve done it, and let’s...
  10. krizzose

    Guinness Draft

    I'm not generally particular about what I drink when I smoke. I'm only an occasional consumer of hot beverages, so I rarely drink those while I smoke. My most common pairing is heavily watered down (10:1 ish) limeade or lemonade. But I love beer, and will drink whatever beer sounds good to me...
  11. krizzose

    In Praise of Watch City Cigar Rhythm & Blues

    This stuff is fantastic. Cool burning, flavorful and sweet. It's great on its own, but it's a great mixer as well. One of my favorite smokes lately (and right now, precipitating this post) is a 50/50 mix with a straight burley (I like PS 702 Burley).
  12. krizzose

    Mark Tinsky Commission

    I recently commissioned a pipe from Mark Tinsky. It’s my first hand made pipe, let alone the first pipe I’ve commissioned. I asked for a sandblasted quarter bent Acorn, and he just sent me a photo of the finished pipe. I’ve admired his work for many years, and I’ve always been impressed...
  13. krizzose

    Watch City Cigars Deluxe Crumb Cut

    I mistakenly ordered Deluxe Crumb Cut instead of Original Crumb Cut because I have a small attention span. I thought this may be a problem, as I don't like Latakia. But since it's been paid for and delivered, I've had a couple of bowls. I have to admit, I like it. The Lat is added in a...
  14. krizzose

    Peretti BPC

    I'm 3 bowls into the sample I just ordered. This stuff is interesting. I could say it's just a simple burley with an uncomplicated flavor, that wouldn't really do it justice. There's a touch of cocoa along with toasty nuttiness which I assume is just the natural high-quality burley flavor...
  15. krizzose

    I Didn't Think I'd Miss the Mystery Tobacco Review So Much

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) As far as I can tell, there wasn't a December 2020 Mystery Tobacco Review on the blog. It's not earth-shattering entertainment, but I gotta say I'm a little bummed it didn't drop.
  16. krizzose

    Mac Baren Vanilla Roll Cake First Impressions

    Grain of salt ---- these are my impressions after 1.5 bowls, both in cobs. The tin note (in my case, bag note) is like semi sweet vanilla cookies, or even Golden Grahams cereal. The description on Tobaccoreviews says there's DFK in the blend, but I don't pick that up at all in the tin note...
  17. krizzose

    Mac Baren Vanilla Roll Cake

    I love Vanilla Cream Flake, Club Blend, and Dark Twist, so this new blend sounds very interesting. Can't wait to try it
  18. krizzose

    Fantastic Drink/Tobacco Pairing

    Guinness Draft and HH Burley Flake are working well together right now for me. Both are creamy, subtly bitter (in a good way), dry but with just enough sweetness, and the cocoa notes of the burley just fit in perfectly with the toasty malt in the beer.
  19. krizzose

    Revisiting Sutliff Red Virginia Ribbon

    A couple of years ago I tried some Sutliff RVR to see if I'd like it for blending purposes, and discussed here: 2018 RVR Thread. I've used it quite a bit in blending since then, but haven't had any straight in a quite a while until now after opening a jar that's been undisturbed for 2 years...