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  1. AlanH

    Rank Change

    Just when I make it to Preferred Member the status changes 😁😁
  2. AlanH

    Escudo The True Multipurpose Blend

    Escudo Music to me
  3. AlanH

    Burley Trials

    As a relatively new partaker of the pipe and as a complete newbie to non-aromatic blends I have discovered partially through this forum a great love for Virginia's of all kinds and Vapors. After reading MSO and Cosmic and everybody and their brother who smokes haunted bookshop I decided to try...
  4. AlanH

    Christmas Money Burnt a Hole in my Pocket!

    After much deliberation and gifted Christmas money I broke down and bought a Kiribi Kabuto. ( I was surprised at myself being that I am as my wife tells me often a bit of a cheapskate) I absolutely did not need it, particularly since I partake of my pipe almost exclusively outside but it just...
  5. AlanH


    Well it looks like Escudo is getting hard to find hope the retailers start getting more in.
  6. AlanH

    Merry Christmas Twice

    My wife totally shocked me this morning she bought me another Jason Patrick pipe!! The Jekyll and Hyde Cherry Wood Poker
  7. AlanH

    Merry Christmas to me

    This pipe after being lost in the mail for two weeks showed up today?? It is made by Jason Patrick He was recommended to me. I am really happy with it. Merry Christmas everyone Immanuel God is with us!
  8. AlanH

    Look what I found at a BM

    Cringle flake last week the other two today.
  9. AlanH

    I have Graduated!

    As of today I am no longer a "junior member" I am now a full member ??? Do I earn a pipe or a hat? ??
  10. AlanH

    Happy Birthday CosmicfolkLore!

    I am new around here but I have already learned much and really have appreciate this fellow Alabama boys posts! Happy Birthday! Hope to meet you sometime
  11. AlanH

    Casing vs Topping?

    What is the difference between casing and topping? ?
  12. AlanH

    On Cellaring

    If one is cellaring in glass jars does extreme temperature hurt or help the aging process? What are your thoughts, experiences and wisdom? Is it bad to cellar outside in say a shed or should it be in temperature controlled environment? Could summer heat help age quicker ? Would freezing kill...
  13. AlanH

    New Pipe Day ?

    This is my third decent pipe it is my first Savinelli a Tre 104 smooth.
  14. AlanH

    Good Evening from North Alabama

    Hope you y'all are all doing well this evening! I played with pipes for several years. I bought a couple of cobs and a hardwood MM a few years ago smoked them a few times a year. Last year I bought a couple pretty good Briar pipes and smoked more. I have read some on this forum and enjoyed it! I...