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  1. mikefu

    Another Anatomically Reminiscent Pipe

    Seriously...Whats up with the peen pipes? Adam Davidson Sandblasted Erotique with Bamboo and Mammoth | Buy Adam Davidson Tobacco Pipes at Smokingpipes -
  2. mikefu

    The Relative Rarity of Pipe Smoking & Our Current Intellectual Crisis.

    I really enjoyed this article from First Things Magazine, and hope you will too:
  3. mikefu

    Wonky Northern Briars Pipe?!?

    I just received this Northern Briars Jade stem Rox Cut Billiard, which has a really serious issue of being lopsided. Check out how out of round it is, and how the shank comes out way off center! Also the drilling is off, and there is a sandpit in the rim. This is my first Norther Briars pipe...
  4. mikefu

    Kaywoodie Standard Quaint Lovat Restore

    I picked this guy up and restored it. Just finished up with internal stem and stummel cleaning, and will give it an inaugural smoke a bit later. Toothbrush, micro mesh, toothpaste, ever clear an Old Timer pocketknife and elbow grease were all used. Finished with Briar Pipe Wipe saturated cloth...
  5. mikefu

    RIP Christopher Tolkien

    I just saw that Christopher, son of the beloved JRR, passed today at age 95. He was a long time piper, following in the footsteps of his father, and is responsible for many of JRR’s unpublished works being made available to us. May God rest his soul!
  6. mikefu

    HU 100g Can Storage Viability?

    I recently acquired some 100g cans of HU blends, and I am wondering what folks' experience is with these cans for storage? They look to be fine, but as I live in a high dry climate, I have to be reasonably diligent about making sure tobacco is well sealed so it doesn't turn to mummy dust. Any...
  7. mikefu

    H&H Classic Burley Kake Thoughts?

    Prompted by jarring up 2 more pounds of this Kake a few minutes ago, I am wondering what others think of this great Burley? I’m a real fan, in case that was unclear. It has a certain floral/powdery note that I really crave.
  8. mikefu

    Looking For Recommendations On A First Meerschaum

    I have recently been having the desire to get a meerschaum or two, to compare the flavors of tobacco between them and briars. Also, just to have one, I suppose. What would you recommend to a guy who has never smoked one? I prefer classic shapes and don’t want to break the bank. How does African...
  9. mikefu

    SPC Blends Blended by Russ O?

    I am in a discussion with some fellas regarding SPC Plum Pudding. One fella swears up and down that all SPC blends were created by Russ, and not Joe Lankford. He said “Yes, the person who blends it is Russ. I believe he worked with Joe, but has always been the maker of all of the Seattle Pipe...
  10. mikefu

    Dating an Estate Ardor?

    I recently purchased an estate Ardor, and am trying to date it, but not finding any real way to determine the approximate age. It is an Ardor Urano Roccia Lovat with Pennellessa bit, stamped “DR” for Dorelio Rovera. Any experts here know how to figure out how old it is? Many thanks in advance.
  11. mikefu

    Peretti Thanksgiving Blend For Sale Today.

    Just a PSA...Peretti just put their annual Thanksgiving Day blend up for sale. I ordered one, and it was a good justification for getting a couple of their other blends, some of which are absolutely stupendous, as well.
  12. mikefu

    Gawith RB Plug In USA?

    I’ve been wanting to try RB plug for a while, but can’t seem to find any retailers in the US. Do any of you fellow yanks buy it here, and if so, from whom? Is it just perpetually out of stock, like GH Dark Plug, or is it not imported? Thanks in advance.
  13. mikefu

    Thank You, Saltedplug!

    Today I received my order from Mike, aka Saltedplug. The age and quality of the tobaccos he sent is unparalleled. Some GH Dark Flake with 5 years of age was my first sample of the order, and it is heavenly, in a kick you in the face with cocoa and smoky goodness way. I can’t wait to try the...
  14. mikefu

    Happy Fathers’ Day!

    From a father of three, Happy Fathers’ Day to all you dads. I hope you get to enjoy the heck outta today.
  15. mikefu

    Oxidation Inside Stem Fix?

    I have a couple old Comoys, that are 65 and 85 years old, respectively. They are pristine and I keep them that way with the exception of oxidation inside the vulcanite stems. I clean them out with cleaners and everclear until the cleaners come out clean, but still get echoes of the oxidized...
  16. mikefu

    Nording Sailor or Compass Pipes - Anyone Tried One?

    Just curious to know if anyone has smoked one of these little Popeye-looking doodads? They look like they could be a great yardwork or driving pipe, for someone who doesn’t like cobs.
  17. mikefu

    Is the P&C Site Down?

    I was putting things in my wish list a few minutes ago (shopping for later) and lost the connection, and can't get back now. Are others having trouble?
  18. mikefu

    Forgotten Cellar Score of 11 Year Old VaPer!

    I was rooting through my cellar (out of the way basement storage cabinet) to make room for new my P&C bulk sale order, and I found 2 4oz jars of Anniversary Kake that I sealed up in 2007, and another 2 jars of McLelland 2015 VaPer flake that I put down the same year! What’s your best forgotten...
  19. mikefu

    Anyone Really Like Falcons? Or Hate ‘Em?

    I’ve looked questioningly at Falcons for quite some time, and just can’t get past how weird they look. I like the idea, but before I pull the trigger on getting one, I’d like to hear some experienced thoughts on them. Based on their lack of availability, people must like them.
  20. mikefu

    Pipe Stems Loosening When Humidity Increases?

    Ok, full disclosure- I posted this in another thread, but thought the topic worthy of its own thread. I lived in New Mexico for several years and really began piping in earnest while there. Then we moved to the Seattle area, and I found all my stems were loose, and needed help of beeswax to stay...