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  1. pylorns

    2021 Texas Pipe Show in Cedar Hill Texas Nov 6th!

    Slow smoke sponsored by Missouri Meerschaum, Saddleback Leather Company, and The Country Squire Texas Pipe Show | 2021 Annual Texas Pipe Show and Slow Smoke Located in Cedar Hill Texas - Slow smoke registration and details coming up next week. Meet Texas...
  2. pylorns

    Modern Rogue Posts Discussion with Austin Pipe Club Treasurer Cael Bean

    Modern Rogue has a youtube following of 1.1 million followers. They came to Austin and sat down with Cael Bean who runs one of the Pipe World locations in Austin and who also happens to be our club treasurer.
  3. pylorns

    John Rhys-Davies Talking About Smoking Pipes

    Another great video with John Rhys-Davies actually talking about pipe smoking... also saying no one smokes them anymore... WHY?!
  4. pylorns

    2019 Texas Pipe Show Oct 12th at Pop's Safari Room in Fort Worth

    Join us Saturday, Oct, 12th 2019 at Pop's Safari Room in Fort Worth Texas for our Annual Pipe Show! This year's slow smoke is sponsored by Saddleback Leather Company, all registrants will receive a Pipe Bag from them, a custom cob from Missouri Meerschaum, tamper, and special soon to be...
  5. pylorns

    IPCPR Update: Regulations and Name Changes

    First post of the trade show is live today providing some insight into what we’ve been discovering.
  6. pylorns

    IPCPR 2019 - Las Vegas

    Stay tuned. Brian Levine and I will be in Vegas this weekend to report on IPCPR which is the largest Cigar and Pipe event for the Industry - not open to the public. It's where retailers go to buy cigars and pipes for the year, its also where we find out the latest and greatest on the FDA...
  7. pylorns


    I'm headed up to Anchorage this weekened will have a day there before hopping on a ship to sail down the coast to Vancouver. Any good tobacco shops I should stop by?
  8. pylorns

    The Country Squire Got on TV

    Jon David Cole - got interviewed by local Jackson news about the move and the renovations.
  9. pylorns

    Any pipe smokers that live on the beach?

    Are there any pipe smokers that live on the beach - say florida side, white sandy beachs?
  10. pylorns

    The Country Squire Is Moving April 20th, 2018 Jackson, Ms. The Country Squire, Mississippi’s Original Tobacconist, has announced it will be moving locations. After almost 48 years, The Country Squire is moving to a new unit in The Quarter...
  11. pylorns

    The Great Reddit (Libation Migration)

    On March 22nd 2018 Reddit moved to ban all questionable market places and subreddits. This includes the usual places that you would expect like /r/deepfakes and places where potential adult interactions could occur. But they also banned the pipe market place, cigar market place, scotch and...
  12. pylorns

    2018 Texas Pipe Show Oct 6th, 2018 Ft. Worth Texas

    Mark your calendars for our annual Texas Pipe Show and Slow Smoke on October 6th, 2018 at Pop's Safari Room in Ft. Worth Texas! We'll be re-launching the website shortly but you can sign up for the mailing list for updates in the meantime on . Sponsors and vendors are...
  13. pylorns

    Seal - Slowing Down - Old Standards'Standards'-album Interesting take on his new album, looking at the old classics. Do we have a singer one step away from smoking a pipe or what?
  14. pylorns

    Texas Pipe Show Finalized and Website Launched!

    Forth Worth, TX – May 31st, 2017 – The collaboration of Texas Pipe Clubs (Dallas, Austin, Houston, Waco) are excited to announce the Texas Pipe Show will be held Saturday, October 7th, 2017 at Pop’s Safari Room located at 2929 Morton St, Fort Worth, TX. This is the first show with all Texas pipe...
  15. pylorns

    STG Cigars International and Pipes and Cigars Screw Up Affecting Bottom Line Scandinavian Tobacco Group A/S (STG), the parent company of General Cigar Co. and Cigars International, has issued a revised guidance for investors revealing that 2017 will likely be worse than expected. For...
  16. pylorns

    Country Squire re-launches

    Just a quick note-- the country squire updated its website.
  17. pylorns

    Yet Another Reason to Smoke a Pipe
  18. pylorns

    Texas Pipe Show Oct 7th 2017

    Hey guys, Oct 7th, 2017 will be the first annual Texas Pipe Show and Slow Smoke (really it's the 3rd but no one knew about it before). It's being hosted by 2 Dallas Pipe Clubs, the Austin Pipe Club and the Houston Pipe Club. It will be a one day event in Dallas (Cedar Hill) with weather...
  19. pylorns

    Pipe in Sherlock The Abominable Bride

    Publicity shot: So they think its a Peterson, but in looking closly in that shot and zooming in it clearly says "Made in Italy". You can also notice the metal embellishment is a single line not a...
  20. pylorns

    Speaking of all this Sherlock Holmes

    New Sherlock this January. Also OMG all the pipe smoking... oh yes...