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  1. adam12

    Losing it over this Lumberman

    Yeah his stuff is very cool, traditional Russian-inspired things, totally way out of my price range with the holidays approaching but that's what happens when you start SURFING AROUND!
  2. adam12

    Chicago 2017 Show Info Released

    Is that really the flyer? FAR OUT!! It looks like R. Crumb or the Freak Brothers!
  3. adam12

    Losing it over this Lumberman

    It's not mine Yet
  4. adam12

    Losing it over this Lumberman

    My God. I mean, really. Look at this pipe. Look at it. Now I know what you're saying, it's "just a Lumberman". Yes, that may be true. But look at it. Pavel Goburnov. Dude from Lithuania. I want everyone to stay far, far away from it. Don't touch it, no touching. And don't even point. It can't...
  5. adam12

    West Coast Pipe Show, Las Vegas, Event Photos

    The most incredible experience of my life! I have been going to pipe shows since the late 1980's (original Atlanta and Nashville shows, the Richmond shows way before they moved to the burbs, the original Chicago shows) and nothing, NOTHING
  6. adam12

    Shiny Pipes on EBay. Good or bad?

    1. Destroyed the nomenclature on a nice billiard in order to create an unnatural "shine" and overbuffed the pipe so badly it altered the shape of one side of the bowl. I don't know what process they were using in order to attain a finish they thought would be palatable to buyers, but I have...
  7. adam12

    Estate Smell, What Is It?
  8. adam12

    Empire Strikes Back Uncut - subliminal pipe appearance

    Not sure if anyone but true Star Wars freaks have heard about the Uncut series - but Empire Strikes Back Uncut (which came out last year) has a cool pipe reference or two at the moment where Lando plots Leia's escape from Cloud City. The enterprising fan who had to reinterpret that scene has...
  9. adam12

    Hello everyone

    So do you ever go up the road to Harold's Country Club?
  10. adam12

    St Louis Pipe Show 2015

    February 28, 2015. An incredible show, everyone should go. St Charles MO Banquet Center
  11. adam12

    Stuart Scott, RIP

    I never liked him at first and the hip hop style did not resonate with me. However, I have a deep appreciation for a trailblazing individual who sees something and seizes it at the right moment. That is exactly what Stuart Scott did and he never looked back. Then, I started to learn more about...
  12. adam12

    My Name Is Nate and I'm A Pipe Junkie

    Nate, all the help you need is at The Briary, right in your backyard... that place is amazing...
  13. adam12

    Clark Layton Bent Apple

    Dude that shape is highly creative. Wow what a stunner. Hope you enjoy it
  14. adam12

    A Whole Bunch Of Pictures Of Different Vintage Pipe Boxes

  15. adam12

    Chicago Antique shop

    Dude I know exactly how you feel, but look at the bright side, with the money you saved, you can go to Scandpipes and pick out a Vollmer & Nilsson or a Smio Satou! Nothing like living for the moment man!
  16. adam12

    Brand new Peterson ARAN 999 Poor quality logo stamp.

    Sounds like you already had your mind made up what you were gonna do with it, and simply came on here to vent about Peterson, about the vendor (like it's that dude's fault, I'm sure they have a million other things to do besides inspect the nomenclature quality of factory made pipes), and throw...
  17. adam12

    Holiday Pipes For Me

    They are fantastic. That Rad Davis is impressive!
  18. adam12

    List the Star Wars movies from most to least favorite

    Great suggestions man! I see what you're saying about the "backstory" idea.
  19. adam12

    New Orleans Pipe Show Website is Live!!!

    This is going to be freaking incredible
  20. adam12

    List the Star Wars movies from most to least favorite

    I did not really mind Attack of the Clones from a silly adventure ride perspective. Not as self serious as Sith and more fun. The worst two are Phantom Menace & Return of the Jedi. The ewok celebration causes severe nausea. The very best parts of New Hope & Empire are up there with the best...