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  1. Frozenoak

    Giving A Pipe For Christmas

    My brother was out for Thanksgiving and expressed an interest in my pipes. He is a cigarette smoker. I’m thinking about buying a “starter set” for him. Probably a Sav second, a Czech tool, a bundle of cleaners, and tobacco. I’m looking for recommendations on tobacco. I’m leaning towards a...
  2. Frozenoak

    This Thread Appears To Be Broken I get the following error; Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/threads/now-this-is-a-pipe-display.73069/unread on this server.
  3. Frozenoak

    Is There a List Of Banner Adds Somewhere?

    I was reading thorough the forums earlier and just as I hit Main Category I saw a banner add that caught my attention but it hasn’t popped back up. I see the list of venders but I’d really like to find that banner.
  4. Frozenoak

    Buy Two Smoke One

    I think I’ve adopted a new philosophy today. Every time I buy a tin I’m buying 2. I’ll smoke one and cellar the other. If I need another tin, I’ll buy 2 more, and so on. EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  5. Frozenoak

    Old Joe Krantz With Less Nic?

    I was in my local tobacconist's shop (The Tobacco Barn in Lake Forest, CA) recently asking about non-aromatics and the gentleman recommended a bulk blend called Grandfathers (a cube-cut? burley ), and a 2oz tin of Old Joe Krantz. I purchased both and had a bowl of each. I'm now out of Old Joe...