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  1. SBC

    1908 Barling Bent Apple - New Arrival

    That is one of the handsomest pipes I've seen in a bit. Exactly my taste in every respect. I'd trade a fancier pipe for that any day. Classic perfection.
  2. SBC

    Smoking Frequency

    I'm a one-pipe-each-evening kind of guy. For me, a pipe is neither an ongoing habit nor an occasional luxury, but rather like one's evening cup of tea, to relax with after the day is done.
  3. SBC

    Show Off Your Orlik Pipes Here

    Top to bottom -- Virgin Supreme Corona De Luxe The Virgin's stem is now freshly de-oxidized and polished up, as you can see. Love how it turned out. The other three, while they could use some work, are in my "good enough" range for my use. The Virgin was far more oxidized. The top three I...
  4. SBC

    Show Off Your Orlik Pipes Here

    Ok been meaning to get to that Virgin's stem, so thanks for the kick in the pants to move it up to the top of my list ;-) Give me a couple days to get that one cleaned up, and then I'll post those three along with my de luxe billiard. ;-)
  5. SBC

    Will Pipe Smoking Ever be Mainstream Again?

    If the testimony of antique shop owners is any indication, pipes are way, way, way up in popularity, relative to a few years ago. When I first asked an antique shop, about 14 years ago, whether they had any tobacco pipes around, I was shown a rack of 14 pipes which included Ascortis...
  6. SBC

    Does Anyone Smoke a Tyrolean Pipe Regularly?

    A girl we knew went to serve in an orphanage in the Czech Republic. When she returned, she brought me an inexpensive Tyrolean from there (my guess is pear wood). It's a neat display item in my pipe cabinet. Once or twice a year, my kids will notice how cool it looks and ask me to smoke it, so I...
  7. SBC

    Drucquer & Sons, Loch Ness, April 8th Release Date

    Do you know I had the very same thought about Plum Pudding? It would be a "Scottish" by this definition. Or to filter from a different direction, TR tells me that there are only 5 "Scottish" blends that are still in production that have at least 50 reviews. 3 of those 5 are produced by...
  8. SBC

    Drucquer & Sons, Loch Ness, April 8th Release Date

    Yeah same, I always thought of Scottish as English except with more cavendish than VA for a base. But in the video above, Shane defined Scottish as an English with perique. TBH I'm not sure how seriously I can take these geo-political / nation-state classifications until somebody lays out...
  9. SBC

    Ahh finally got flake tobacco right!

    To me, Ennerdale's flavors are better when rubbed out. (Another tip for Ennerdale: Since it doesn't like to burn, I put a small layer of an easy-burning aromatic on top, every time. I taste the top layer for a few minutes, and then the flavors transition seamlessly into Ennerdale, without any...
  10. SBC

    Where Have All The Gourds Gone

    Do you plan to carve meer inserts, yourself, or what?
  11. SBC

    Drucquer & Sons, Loch Ness, April 8th Release Date

    This exactly. Love red VA and oriental, and often like perique, but don't need one more latakia forward blend, like all the others. I don't dislike latakia, it's just got to get out of the way of the other components if a blend hopes to be different enough to deserve a place in the collection...
  12. SBC

    Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage With A Pipe

    I enjoy food/drink pairing, but to my taste, no attempted pairing has complemented pipe smoke well besides a medium roast Sumatran coffee with a Balkan tobacco. Most other coffee/tobacco combinations tended to detract both ways. A few other drink possibilities may be neutral, but don't...
  13. SBC

    FVF - Too Much Age?

    I have much more experience aging fine beers than tobaccos. Most beers don't age well, but those that do, age spectacularly. I wouldn't age anything sub-8%, and higher ABV than that (10, 11, 12 %) is better. But some big beers still don't age well -- high ABV is no guarantee that the bottle...
  14. SBC

    FS: Four Lots - McClelland, Dunhill, Aged Escudo, Etc. [3/26/2022]

    (1) Peter Heinrichs Dark Strong Flake - (the larger, 200g tin) $50 shipped now $40 shipped (or open to trades)
  15. SBC

    Are Burley Smokers a Breed?

    Ok, I'm glad that Ahi Ka mentioned this, because I can confirm that his homegrown neither tastes like nor affects me like commercial burley does. If I may put in a plug for him (lol, see what I did there @Ahi Ka?), he deserves huge kudos for his success in growing and processing remarkable...
  16. SBC

    Are Burley Smokers a Breed?

    I do suspect that there's a "body chemistry" component to this. To me, burley often tastes like very rancid nuts, sometimes with additional "off" notes as in soured milk or spoiled meat, or sometimes it feels like dry, prickly, suffocating smoke, like choking on burning straw or weeds. I've...
  17. SBC

    What Blend do You Hate?

    The only one thus far to turn my stomach was 4Noggins Weybridge. There have been plenty of tobaccos I've disliked, but Weybridge was the only one I've hated. I'd strongly dislike any cigar leaf blend, as well. I recently dumped out my first bowl of Crooner, half way through, and re-homed...
  18. SBC

    Does Having a Lot of a Blend Make You Smoke More or Less of It?

    Wow, I was completely oblivious to this strange phenomenon until I saw this thread. You know, come to think of it, I do seem to do this, and it's been entirely subconscious until now. Casual may be close to the truth in this funny quip -- It seems silly, and yet... was I thinking this way...
  19. SBC

    Can you Identify my Priest's Weird Pipe?

    Aha - found this:
  20. SBC

    Can you Identify my Priest's Weird Pipe?

    It's unsmoked.