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    When Was Dunhill's Prime?

    In terms of quality, I mean. IMHO Dunhills are still thriving regardless of the polarizing views upon them, and I am curious how and when they got the NV to justify today's prices.
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    Did Comoy's ever make a rusticated Pebble Grain?

    Wondering if this is a legit pipe...
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    John Duncan's Pipes - Still in production?

    Finally in 1994 Duncans Briars Limited was sold. The manufacturer of quality English pipes be a family firm was no longer in demand. Other cheaper materials could be found, and methods of manufacture had changed. So all agreed, if Duncans could not make pipes the way they wanted, they would not...
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    Dunhill Blackbriar? This is the only Dunhill site sponsor has in stock right now, yet I've never heard of this line of Dunhills. Is it a long discontinued line, a very recently introduced line, or just my lack of knowledge?
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    Small Rattray's Drop at SP

    Was able to get a tin of Stirling Flake. Check if any of your favourites is back in stock!
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    Sasieni Two Dot

    Dear Sasieni experts - How would the Two Dot Sasienis compare to the One, Four, Eight Dots? I know that the Two Dot is not a second line, but could have a tiny fill. So, should I compare the relationship between the Two Dot and the other "Dots" as Dunhill Bruyere - Dunhill DR instead of Dunhill...
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    What to Do with Raw Virginia Leaf

    I recently purchased some fresh Virginias from Leaf Only, and then ground them for smoking. It worked nicely when mixed with some English blends, but would just taste like hay and burn my tongue when consumed on its own. I was looking forward to getting a true "Straight Virginia", but it isn't...
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    Help dating a Kaywoodie

    Overpaid a bit and regretting for it, but would still like to know more about my newest acquisiton. I would appreciate any help... thanks in advance!
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    Blends similar to McClelland 5110

    I was recently able to try some of it thanks to a friend. Just two bowls and I'm already hooked! I would appreciate any recommendations on similar blends/matches, or the means to find McClelland blends these days.
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    Full Virginia Flake is awesome

    I'm quite sure that everyone has already tried it, but I'm mesmerized with my first try, so I decided to write the closest thing to a review I could come up with. Since I'm about to go to bed and wanted a short smoke, I used one of my smaller pipes, a BlackJack Opera. The flakes were a bit moist...
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    Arango Balkan Supreme

    Available at SP! Ordered some and can't wait.
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    Jimmy Craig Ashtons

    I've been setting my eye on a new Ashton Pebble Grain XX with some marvelous ring grain, and is sort of saving up for it. However, I have recently found out that many prefer their Ashtons to be from the Bill Taylor era instead. Could anyone share their ideas on this matter? What is the...
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    Cellar Blends

    I'm about to start my 2 years of mandatory military service (South Korea, so no need to thank me for my service), and thought that I could cellar some tobacco and enjoy it upon discharge. Any recommendations on blends that would really shine upon being cellared? Thanks in advance!
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    Kaywoodie Vendors That Ship Internationally

    I've been intrigued by the recent article on how brand new Kaywoodies are still being produced and browsed through WV SmokeShop, a site one member kindly intoduced. Unfortunately, I live in South Korea and WV seems to ship within the States only... does anyone know a (recent production)...
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    Question on Sasieni Nomenclature

    I've never seen a nomenclature like this, and the seller claims it to be from the family era... could anyone enlighten me?
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    James Upshall pipes

    I've recently learned about JU, and quickly became fascinated. So, I'm looking for one now. I've mostly heard about grades above the "P", but my budget would only allow a grade A, S, or a sandblast. Will they have the same smoking qualities, with the difference solely in the beauty of grain...
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    Best Peterson Shape for Flakes

    I'm a big fan of Petersons, and their recent change in ownership and vows to improve QC has led me to search for a Peterson for my next PAD cure. Right now, my collection lacks what some would call a "flake pipe", which I believe is being rather tall and narrow. So, what would be the ideal...
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    Black Friday

    This is my first Black Friday as a pipe smoker, and I wonder if the concept applies to the pipe smoking world as well. Actually, I'm suffering from both some PAD AND TAD... should I suffer a bit more for much better deals?
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    Comoy's Rock Root

    I was only aware of GBD Rock Roots, but I've recently spotted a pipe of the same name from Comoy's, too. The nomenclature says Made in England so it's probably an old production. Could anyone tell me more about this pipe?
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    Carolina Red Flake available at

    Just grabbed some myself!