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  1. bayareabriar

    What Brand is This?

    Just bought it. Know nothing about it. Other than it looked like something similar to some creative briars pipes I had.
  2. bayareabriar

    1st IM Corona (Used) Lighter

    I just bought this for $35 on mercari. I have a nice Dunhill rolagas but it’s not the pipe valve, and the flame is too soft for cigars. I have a nice kiribi I use religiously but I let someone use it while we were lighting up and they thought that you bend the arm all the way back to strike...
  3. bayareabriar

    Bowl Insert Repair

    Does anyone have a lead on who can repair this bowl? Mike at Walker advised no, Steve said he’s not taking on work. I’m waiting to hear back from briarville. I’m thinking someone skilled with briar dust? It’s more cosmetic. if not, does anyone have a lead on a meerschaum carver who could make...
  4. bayareabriar

    Some Old Dunhills: Pepper Shaker?

    Title shortened. Can someone please tell me what I purchased? I know how to date it just fine. Is this bowl repairable without too much investment based on minimal photos? $110 plus tax and shipping for the both. pepper shaker...
  5. bayareabriar

    Who Snagged This!?!

    I was 10 seconds too late to the party! Nice buy whoever got it.
  6. bayareabriar

    What Shape Is This?

    I’m still learning my shapes. I just won the lot on eBay. Algerian briar is all they said was on it. Was wondering what this is called. Stovetop?
  7. bayareabriar

    Can’t Win Em All

    Venting here because some lucky person is going to find a Dunhill Shilling and a few ferndowns for practically nothing. The seller won’t ship because he owes PayPal business money. He’s located across the country. Don’t reach out to me asking where because it was easy enough for me to find...
  8. bayareabriar

    Snagged A Charatan Underboar

    I believe I won a Charatan Underboar. Can’t wait to see it up close.
  9. bayareabriar

    My New Charatan

    I thought you folks might like to see this. The chamber is “reverse canted?”
  10. bayareabriar

    Weber Plastic Stinger?

    I have never seen what appears to either be a black anodized stinger, or possibly vulcanite. I think Weber is a brand that is pretty specific with stinger identification. Any Weberers’ out there care to chime in?
  11. bayareabriar

    Dating 20’s? Comoy Pipe

    I took a jewelers cloth to the band, but don’t want to be too aggressive with it. Here’s some photos. I’m guessing 1919 or so since the “C” is absent? Does that stamp look similar to any year date of that era?
  12. bayareabriar

    Kaywoodie Dating?

    What year is this one? Anyone have a link that I can read about these? I very nice pencil shanked pipe!
  13. bayareabriar

    Rare Sasieni Patent? Give Me Some Learnin’

    Tell me what this means. On an 8 dot panel: Designs Pat 22/9/25
  14. bayareabriar

    Snagged A Few More Good’ uns

    Can’t wait to see the condition
  15. bayareabriar

    3rd Annual Free Pipe For U.S. Veteran

    This time around, I’m looking for the most creative and original limerick. So, be creative and take your time. If it’s Okay with mods, please post your limerick here for all to enjoy. Have em posted by May Day and I’ll choose what appealed to me most. A nice little Hawkbill Caminetto for the...
  16. bayareabriar

    Unusual Sasieni Pipe

    Who has any info they can share with me about “selected” on this era of Sasieni?
  17. bayareabriar

    Dating 20s Sasieni Help

    This one is unique in that it has the made in England on the shank. It’s a shape 14. The stinger is with it and it’s a 1 dot on top of the stem. does the location of the made in England stand out to anyone?
  18. bayareabriar

    What Is The Same?

    So I really like Mississippi Mud and really like Gentleman Caller. What is it about these two that I should look for in other blends?
  19. bayareabriar

    New Pipe Lot - Guess The Makes

    Well I bought another lot. The lady said there were a few Dunhills in there so I bought sight unseen for the price. She then added a photo. Anyone recognize the Cumberland one? I’ll update when I get them.
  20. bayareabriar

    What Brand is This?

    I bought a lot of pipes. This one appears to have a metal bee on it. anyone familiar with it? Here’s a link to the listing and here’s a photo of the pipe...