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  1. thebigragu

    South Korea

    I will be moving to my next duty station South Korea in January, and was wondering if there was anybody here that is a member or knows of any pipe clubs or groups out their.
  2. thebigragu

    What Kinds of Tobaccos Typically Come In Flake Form?

    Traditionally virginias were straight virginia tobaccos, though that has been changing. The addition of perique is a noteworthy complement, adding a distinctive aroma and flavor, while also serving to intensify the richness and intensity of the flavor. Perique also serves to cut bite. Escudo and...
  3. thebigragu

    [Old] Great Advice for New Pipe Smokers

    I stumbled upon this in a different site but thought it was really good, and wanted to share Original content by Spillproof, copied from old PSF with permission. I'm going to try and come at this from a new angle, given that you can break in a pipe with any tobacco. If you are breaking in...
  4. thebigragu

    Pipe tobacco cut preference

    Just a fun little poll to see what other people prefer.
  5. thebigragu

    Member status

    I know I’m not new, or this might notbe the right place for this question, but I know there used to be a threadon here on the requirements to gofrom new member to member topreferred member if an someoneknows if it’s still here or an admincould answer the question it would be appreciated.
  6. thebigragu

    Peterson Aran Pipe

    I am looking at buying a new pipe I had to really downsize my collection three years ago when I joined the military. I am looking at the Peterson Aran pipes, but can’t desire on the shape I really want
  7. thebigragu

    Upper Respiratory Infection

    I have been batteling a pretty bad upper respiratory infection this week so I have not smoked atall this week and I miss it so much. I cant wait to get over this and smoke a bowl.
  8. thebigragu

    Happy Birthday to Me

    A while back I posted about a peterson bulldog I liked on another post, and I was looking for something similar I bought a peterson an 80s P-Lip and it is an awsome pupe and it came in the day before my birthday
  9. thebigragu

    Gawith Hoggarth & Co. Brown Irish Twist

    Manufactured by spinning tobacco dark fired leaves into a rope. Brown Irish, the thicker version of Brown Bogie, is a true old fashioned stout smoke, perfect, with a good strength more suited for the experienced pipe smoker. As someone who has used almost evry form of getting nicotine in their...
  10. thebigragu

    Good Day Long Story/Rant

    A buddy of mine were walking back from the PX (The Walmart of military land) and I just happen to notice this guy we walked past smoking a pipe we kept on walking untill my friend stoped when he smelled the cherry aroma of the tobacco and yelled out is that cherry The person replued its a chery...
  11. thebigragu

    New Pipe

    so I just bought another pipe its not exactly the one I was looking for but I still cant wait to get it and see how it smoked EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  12. thebigragu

    Anyone Else Remember This?

    anybody els remember the grandfather from the 90's remake of The Parent trap with his pipe? EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  13. thebigragu

    i won't beable to try the new Hearth and home tobacco

    So I heard about the new Hearth & Home Slow-Aged blends, but are only on Pipes and Cigars who rent ship out of the U.S si I wont br able to try them unless they are sold by another retretailer some time and that makes me sad.
  14. thebigragu

    Home Improvement Pipe Smoking

    I was watching Home Improvemet from the 90's and Harry the guy who owned the hardwesr store was smoking a pipe
  15. thebigragu

    Pipe Lighting

    What are your preferred/favorite instruments and techniques for lighting a pipe?
  16. thebigragu Just Gained Big Points With Me

    I have made afew orders with smoking and I just went to make another when I realised they give free shipping to military members who get their order sent to the post office on base. and now will probably buy way more then what I need
  17. thebigragu

    How Many Bowls a Day Do You Smoke?

    Just a fun little question to see how much others smoke. I smoke two or three bows a day usualy one at lunch and after dinner and on the weekend I smoke one also in the morning with my coffee. EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title
  18. thebigragu

    General MacArthur and his corn cob

    here is another great article. this one is about General McArthur.
  19. thebigragu

    The Art of Pipe Smoking

    I just read this good article on pipesmoking
  20. thebigragu

    What do you call a good pipe tobacco

    This is strictly an opinion post to see what trates, flavor, brands, blends that we all enjoy the most.