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  1. Duke of Erinmore

    Help Needed: Dating Three Nuns Tin

    A fellow pipesmoker just sent me some images of a tin he purchased, and I can't really say anything about it. Even after reading the awesome "Shriek of no Perique" piece from Kevin, I can't really date it. I suppose it is a "domestic sale" Nuns tin for the UK because it bears the design that...
  2. Duke of Erinmore

    [FS] Possible Dunhill "Not for Sale" 9-19-21

    Here I am offering a rather weird Dunhill. This must be a sample from the factory that was possibly given to the employees. Maybe a Dunhill expert can enlighten me. Dunhill "Not for Sale". This is a Group 5 Bruyere, so it's a pretty big bucket, in a what I believe Smooth Walnut finish with a...
  3. Duke of Erinmore

    My first CO Pipe

    At my first pipe exhibition since the pandemic I have purchased a really beautiful pipe and had a really nice chat with the artists that have produced it. The CO pipes are made by two Germans in co-production, one makes the bowls and the other one the stems. And they really know their business:
  4. Duke of Erinmore

    Terrible Experience with Shipping and Customs from Europe to the US

    As some of you may have read, I recently sold a couple of vintage tobaccos here in the Tobacco Sell/Swap/Search section. I imagined that COVID-related delays would be a problem, but there was worse. USPS and US customs. It seems to be unpredictable what happens there. I managed to sell tins to...
  5. Duke of Erinmore

    Need Help Dating Peterson Kapruf "London Made England"

    I have recently obtained a Peterson Kapruf Billiard I'm about to restore. The stamp indeed puzzles me. It says PETERSON KAPRUF LONDON MADE ENGLAND 135 I checked Pipedia, where it says about the London Petes...
  6. Duke of Erinmore

    Tommi Teichmann

    Just got my second Tommi Teichmann. He's really the Godfather of Rustication.
  7. Duke of Erinmore

    Take A Walk On The Wild Side!

    As already mentioned my wife is a steampunk artist, and today she made this one:
  8. Duke of Erinmore

    Unknown London Made Pipe

    Got this one between a few crappy pipes. It is marked as a house pipe from a German tobacconist (whom I gave a call, but the current manager didn't know the producer). And it says "MADE IN LONDON ENGLAND". The W on the stem stands for "Wagner", the name of the tobacconist. As it looks quite...
  9. Duke of Erinmore

    My Wife is Back to Pipe Smoking

    A few years ago my wife, who is a moderate cigarette and shisha smoker, also tried pipe smoking but did not stick to it. Start this week, to my surprise, she cleaned her pipes (she had her own from the beginning), asked me for some tobacco and started again! For most blends, we have a different...
  10. Duke of Erinmore

    David "Baff?" Wagner

    David Wagner - when I hit the forum search I do not get many results so maybe there are a few people out there that find an introduction interesting. Unfortunately he's pausing making pipes at the moment, but every now and then some of his pipes show up on the estate market. He's an Austrian...
  11. Duke of Erinmore

    Awesome Tool: Pipeholder / Tamper / Key Ring

    Want to share a simple and easy to copy, yet awesome device that a fellow German pipesmoker built and gave me (a few might have seen it already in the "What are you smoking thread). It's a leather pipeholder with a Czech tool in the middle. When you fold it, you can rest your pipe on it. And...
  12. Duke of Erinmore

    Report - Smokefree Ideology (in the UK)

    Via Spiked I came across a really frightening report by Josie Appleton (a non-smoker) for a Civil Liberties magazine: Full report here.
  13. Duke of Erinmore

    Need Help: Dating Sandblasted GBD New Era

    Dear GBD experts, I have just restored an estate GBD pipe that I acquired in a collection. But as I am not at all familiar with this brand and really confused from information on pipedia etc., maybe someone can help me. It's a sandblasted billiard with tapered stem. Quite a nice pipe, I must...
  14. Duke of Erinmore

    Bruno Nuttens Bing

    Hi all, I would like to share my latest purchase - a wonderful sandblasted Bing shape from Belgian pipemaker Bruno Nuttens. I really love its classy elegant shape:
  15. Duke of Erinmore

    Germain's Special Latakia Flake - When Available Again?

    Hi all, I just discovered that the Special Latakia Flake is out of stock at most shops. Anyone know what the problem is and if/when it will be back?
  16. Duke of Erinmore

    Lekker Smaakelijk: Troost Slices

    As I could not reply to the first Troost Slices thread, I will start a new one and publish this review here. I am often on the road in the Netherlands and on one of my trips I bought the most common tobacco there - the Troost Slices. It must be said that the Troost Slices are not "Dutch"...
  17. Duke of Erinmore

    Four New Members in My Collection

    EDIT: Fixed Capitalization in Title (See Rule 9) Recently I bought a lot of somewhat 15 pipes, and today I have refurbished the four ones that will stay with me (the rest will go to The Bay to cover the expenses). From left to right: Charatan Belvedere Parker Svendborg Stanwell Calabash...
  18. Duke of Erinmore

    The Kraken Awakes

    My wife who is a steampunk artist gave me this one yesterday: It's a generic clay pipe and for the tentacles she used FIMO (don't know if it is common in other countries, kind of polymer-based modeling compound). I smoked it right away with HU Moroccan Bazaar (didn't have any Pirate Kake...
  19. Duke of Erinmore

    Pipe Rotation

    I have just smoked a Brebbia Dublin that I had not touched for years and was surprised how nicely it smokes. Probably I will smoke it more often from now. There are other pipes I used to smoke almost daily, which somehow came "out of fashion" with me. Others are more or less constantly in use...
  20. Duke of Erinmore

    Show Us Your First Pipe

    First of all, sorry if I missed a similar thread in the search. But now the question: Have you still got your first pipe? Do you regularly smoke it? What are your thoughts and memories about it? I still have mine, a Vauen de Luxe, bought about 24 years ago at the famous Huber of Munich tobacco...